7 Key Tips for Using Flowers in Your Home Decor

Posted July 20, 2019 by in Home
Tips for Using Flowers

We all love receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers as a present, don’t we? The vibrant colors and fragrances are bound to make any event, such as a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or wedding special. But why should you only enjoy flowers on special occasions? Flowers brighten up the home even during the darkest days of winter, and they always emit a cheerful and positive ambiance.

Want to enjoy beautiful blooms all year round? Here are our seven tips for using flowers in your home décor.

  1. Less Is More

A simple but elegant bouquet can look classier than one filled with flowers that match every color of the rainbow. Sometimes there’s nothing more stunning than a group of one type of flower sitting in a pretty vase. Plus, by only purchasing one type of flower, this is a great way to keep costs down.

Likewise, instead of swamping an oversized vase full of towering blooms, separate your bouquet into a selection of containers. You can then either disperse these vases throughout the home so every room has a set, or you can create an impact with groupings of flowers. With the former, you can add color and fragrance to various rooms rather than only one space of the house.

  1. Get Creative with Vases

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can get as creative as you like when it comes to choosing a vase. Ming vases are perfect because they have very beautiful unique styles that will turn your flowers more colorful and lovely to look at everyday. From wine bottles to watering cans or jam jars, the sky’s the limit when it comes to selecting a vessel for your flowers. As long as it can fit water, it can work!

An unexpected vase can add a whimsical, magical feel to a room and can be a great way to express your personalityNot going for the quirky look? For a contemporary feel, opt for clear glass and straight lines.

Use your creativity to give off the exact vibe you’re striving for!

  1. Use Grocery Store Flowers

You may think that using flowers to decorate the home year-round is expensive. If you pick up your blooms from a flower mart, then costs will add up. But one of the best budget flower decorating tips is to head to your local supermarket. They sell beautiful flowers at a fraction of the cost they’d sell in a proper flower store or market.

Not only does purchasing flowers from a grocery store help you save money, but it’s also more convenient if your local supermarket is close by. Another way to save money is to shop for flowers that are in season – for example, in the spring you can opt for a stunning bouquet of peonies.

  1. Set a Budget

When it comes to saving money, setting a budget for your home decor is an essential step. Using a budget stops you from spending too much money and can also help by limiting your options. Limited options can mean limited stress. By putting money aside for flowers, you can make purchasing fresh blooms a priority.

If you feel like you can’t afford to buy flowers regularly, take a look at what else you’re spending money on. Perhaps there’s something else you can give up to make room for flowers?

Do you spend money on daily coffees from Starbucks, for example? Or maybe you pay more than you should for weekly manicures? Decide how important fresh flowers are to you and adjust your spending accordingly so you can reap their benefits. If money is too tight, you could also opt for dried flowers since dried flower bouquets are everlasting and will never go out of style.

If you have a high enough budget, you can opt for a flower delivery service, with blooms brought right to your door. This is especially valuable for those that are short on time or those that don’t live close to a supermarket or flower store.

  1. Choose the Right Fragrance

Not only do flowers look beautiful, but they smell lovely too. If you’re partial to a certain fragrance, this is a factor to consider when choosing flowers for your home.

Remember that certain flowers emit a stronger scent while other blooms are more subtle. Usually, it’s the more expensive types of flowers that produce the more fragrant, sweeter smells.

Lilies, jasmine, gardenia, and roses are a few of the popular flower types guaranteed to fill your home with a sweet, uplifting scent.

  1. Experiment with Ombre

Fancy getting creative with your flower arrangements? Use a variety of blooms in similar shades to produce a high impact ombre effect. This is a great option for a special occasion, for example, if you’re hosting a dinner party and want to offer that wow factor. Purple, violet, and pink hues all work well together, or you can go for orange with a deep yellow.

Make a statement with your favorite flowers!

  1. Change Up Your Rooms

While living room flowers are always a fabulous choice, don’t just leave your beautiful blooms there.

Add flowers to rooms you wouldn’t usually expect to see them in, such as kitchens or bathrooms. It’s an easy way to enhance these areas and brighten them up, making them more welcoming and sweet-smelling!

Tips for Using Flowers in the Home

We hope these tips for using flowers in the home have given you inspiration for decoration. Remember, if you want to keep your home full of beautiful bouquets all year round, you need to make purchasing flowers a priority. This may mean cutting costs in other ways or putting in some extra effort to pick them up regularly on your way home from work.

With our tips, we’re sure your home will be looking (and smelling) as beautiful as ever! Keep reading our blog for more information on how to make your home beautiful…on a budget.