7 Nail Tips to Make Your Nails Look More Beautiful Than Ever

Posted March 12, 2021 by in Beauty

“Beauty comes from inside the nail salon.” That’s absolutely true!

No matter how amazingly you’ve done your makeup and how classy your attire is, there is no way on earth you can leave an impression without having beautiful nails. We’re all usually very conscious about our skin and our outfits, but many of us ignore how vital taking care of our nails can be to make a mark on others.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best ways that can help you make your fingernails look not only healthy, but pretty as well.

Here are 7 tips for you:

Invest in A Reliable Polygel Nail Kit

Gone are the days when you can make an impact with long plastic nails. Nowadays, they don’t only look bad, but ridiculous. 

Rather than investing in fake nails, we recommend you get flawless nails using a nail kit. In minimal time, a kit can help you grow your nails without having any bad odors. 

Do you know one of the best things about using a polygel kit? It can make you dry your nails under UV light without any hassle. 

Keep Your Nails Trimmed

Long nails can make your hands look beautiful, but the struggle is real as far as keeping them is concerned. 

If you’ve had long nails, you must know how painful it is to suffer broken nails. One of the most distinctive ways of preventing that from happening is to keep your natural nails trimmed all the time. 

Everyone knows the length their nails can withstand, so it’s better not to grow them more than that length. 

Imagine how irritating it will be to suffer broken nails when you are washing dishes or doing another task? And do you know the worst part? It takes days to sort this issue out. 

Always Use A Moisturizer

Whenever you rub lotion or oil into your hands, it is suggested to work it into your nail cuticles. 

Handwashing is something that dries out a hand and nail bed quickly. However, using a reliable moisturizer can save your day anytime.  

Don’t you know about the best possible option for moisturizing your hands and nails? Coconut oil can do wonders if you rub it into your nails and cuticle. 

Woman's hand with green nail polish holding a tube of lipstick.

Avoid Using Harsh Polish

Us girls love to polish our nails, but but you have to be careful when choosing nail polish as many polishes on the market contain toxic chemicals like toluene, dimethyl and diethyl phthalates, formaldehyde, and other such chemicals that are dangerous for not only your nails, but you lungs as well. Thankfully, there are companies that produce nail polishes without those harmful toxins.

So, whenever you think of buying nail polish, make sure you read the labels to be certain about its quality. 

Pro Tip: Consider water-based polishes. They may not last as long long, but they are a safer option. 

Woman's hand with periwinkle blue nail polish.

Buff Instead Of Color

Buffing isn’t as eye-catching as color, but it can surely go a long way. Simply try to trim your nails and buff them to make them look as pretty as possible sans polish.

People usually go back and forth when filing nails, and that’s one of the worst things one can do. Whenever you think of filing your nails, always try to file them from the outside edge to have your desired results. 

Choose A Good Remover

One has to be very careful when it comes to choosing a remover. A good remover is one of the many things that can make you have naturally beautiful nails.  Check out the cruelty-free nail polish remover from BeautyGARDE and see the effect of a safer remover.

It is always suggested to read labels of a remover before buying them to get to know whether this remover will be a suitable pick, keeping in mind your nail type or not. 

Pro Tip: Always get acetone-free removers, as they aren’t harsh on the nails. 

Woman with long nails holding a coffee mug.

Keep An Eye On Your Food Intake 

Eating healthy foods can have a significant impact on your nails. If you have got no idea about what to eat to have healthy nails, there is nothing to worry about. We have got you covered here. 

Eat foods that are rich sources of omega-3-fatty acids and proteins. 

Researches have proved that eating foods that have a reasonable amount of biotin can reduce nail brittleness. The use of selenium helps in the prevention of whitened nail beds.

Last but not least, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in a day to make sure you have exceptional nails. 

nail art inspiration for short nails.

Taking care of nails is as important as anything else. There is no way you should take your fingernails for granted if you want the world to know you as a beauty queen. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and we hope it has helped you understand how crucial nail care is—not only for the beauty of it, but for the health of your nail beds as well.

So, which one of the aforementioned ways has impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments below!