7 Of the Highest Rated Plus Sized Women Brands on the Web

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Shopping for stylish plus size clothing can be a challenge at your traditional department store. If you do manage to find something you like, there’s a good chance it won’t fit right or will be made out of cheap material and have an overall low-quality feel to it.

We’ve taken the pain out of shopping for stylish plus size women’s clothing by serving up this awesome list of the seven highest-rated plus sized women brands on the web.

Happy shopping! 

7 Of the Highest Rated Plus Sized Women Brands on the Web

  1. 11 Honore

Known for style and comfort, 11 Honore features clothing designed by professionals from all over the country. With over 40 designers adding their personal tastes to the site’s plus size collection, you’re sure to find everything you need for your wardrobe. From work clothes to casual wear and everything in between, 11 Honore has all of your plus size needs covered. 

11 Honore is among the forerunners of the plus size fashion retail industry, with a brand name you can trust and a commitment to quality that you simply can’t get from your local department store. The brand’s client services offer a 360-degree approach to customer service, ensuring you’ll get the best service you’ve ever had in the plus size clothing industry. 

  1. River Island 

With casual and formal wear alike, as well as options for both petite and plus size gals, River Island is truly one of the most versatile brands on the web. Taking an approach of inclusivity, River Island even offers clothing for men and children; ensuring that everyone gets the style, comfort, and affordable prices that this clothing outlet is known for. 

Whether you need a dress for work or a leather jacket for a night on the town, River Island has what you need to look and feel your best, no matter what your size and shape is. River Island fits up to a size 42! 

  1. Luvmemore

Luvmemore is a brand to keep an eye on in the coming years. With a commitment to quality and inclusivity, Luvmemore offers a wide range of clothing options for women of all shapes and sizes. The company’s CEO and fashion designer both offer years of experience in the industry to the company, creating an environment full of expertise and understanding. 

Luvmemore believes that no one should ever feel left out when it comes to fashion, and not all plus size bodies are shaped the same way. Far from the traditional one size fits all approach that many retailers offer in their plus size clothing options, Luvmemore is your personalized outfitter for every plus size need. 

  1. Torrid

Perfect for casual and workwear, Torrid is an excellent brand that is committed to excellence and customer service. One of the great things about Torrid is the depiction of its clothing on plus size models. Too often, “plus size” retailers often depict their clothing in women that are clearly not plus sized; giving an inaccurate depiction of what the piece would look like on a curvier gal. 

Torrid is an excellent choice for ladies from sizes 10 to 30. 

  1. Universal Standard

Universal Standard offers clothing for sizes 0-40; making it an incredibly inclusive brand that truly means to empower women of all shapes and sizes. From sharply-crafted suits to form-fitting denim and beyond, Universal Standard is your go-to for all things plus size. 

Universal Standard’s models are shot wearing clothing that is relevant to their body type; so you’ll find both petit and plus size models showing off the styles at U.S., and you’ll never have to guess how it will look or feel on a curvy body. 

  1. Loft

Loft has an excellent selection for women from sizes 14-26; making it a rarity among clothing providers. Most retailers simply offer a “plus size” section that includes up to a 3-4XL. At Loft, you’ll find size and shape-specific clothing that’s always in style. Never be afraid that you won’t find something that looks as good as it feels; Loft has a wide array of clothing options to choose from. 

Whether you need tops, sweaters, skirts, dresses, or anything else, Loft has something unique to offer the plus size lady. 

  1. Good American

Designed by Khloe Kardashian herself, who is well-known for her own curvy shape, this size-inclusive clothing company seeks to create comfortable and affordable clothing options for women of all sizes. Bodysuits, jeans, and even dresses are the staple of Good American’s clothing line.

Check out the brand today and see why women of all sizes trust Good American for their formal and casual wear. 

Whether you’re a size 14 or a size 34, these seven plus size brands have something to offer everyone; along with a reputation for excellence and customer service that you can hardly find in your local department stores.

Don’t settle for cheap materials and a one size fits all mentality when you can shop size and shape-specific clothing at prices that won’t leave you broke. 

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