7 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted August 29, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
working out at home

Turns out, only 23% of us are getting the right amount of exercise. Are you guilty of regularly skipping the gym and heading out to drinks with friends instead? 

An alternative to going to the gym is incorporating exercise into your morning or evening routine. That’s right, from the comfort of your own home.

Working out from home has its benefits, but it does require buying some equipment. Here are 7 pieces of home gym equipment you shouldn’t miss.

  1. A Sustainable Yoga Mat 

Yoga has huge benefits, no matter who you are. Yogis who practice regularly can expect improved mental health, flexibility, stamina, muscle strength and tone. 

That’s just for starters! Unfortunately, yoga classes may be more motivational but usually break the bank if you go regularly.

Instead, why not turn to YouTube? Yoga with Adriene is an extremely popular channel and Adriene has been uploading for years.

As a result, she has yoga for absolutely every ailment you can think of. She’s also a great yoga mentor and not only guides you through the exercises but also helps you find inner peace at the same time. 

For practicing at home, you’re going to need a yoga mat. Choose something which is made sustainably so you’re not damaging the earth with your new practice. Check out this guide on how to find an eco-friendly yoga mat

  1. Lift Those Weights 

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to lift weights. Unfortunately, many people, especially women, feel put off by the show-offs in the weights section of their gym. 

As a result, they’re missing out on an extremely rewarding form of exercise. Lifting weights can hugely improve bone strength, your metabolism, and your mood.

As we age, we lose muscle, but this can be counteracted by lifting weights. You should aim to lift weights twice a week. 

Again, YouTube is a great place to find weight lifting routines that suit your abilities. Choose weights which help you focus on different parts of your body, for example, kettlebells. 

  1. Don’t Resist The Full-Body Resistance Band

Once you know what to do with a resistance band, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. 

This piece of home gym equipment is perfect for working out every single inch of your body. It’s an affordable option too and you’ll definitely work up a sweat! 

Better yet, if you’re someone who likes to travel, it’s easy to take this piece of equipment with you absolutely everywhere.

Your abs, bum, chest, back, and arms can benefit from the band absolutely anywhere in the world so you can ensure you work off that holiday weight as you put it on! 

  1. Aching After a Workout? Try a Muscle Roller

Remember, that relaxing is just as important as working out. Sure, your new home gym is looking sweet and you’re loving the endorphins it gives you. But, be careful!

Make sure that you stretch and care for your muscles so that you don’t overdo it and end up forgetting your home gym completely.

A muscle roller is a great way to heal your muscles. It improves blood flow to your muscles and can lengthen them through stretching. 

Looking for the best place to buy a muscle roller? You can shop here for some great products.

  1. Have Fun with a Jump Rope

Who says jump ropes are for kids? You’d be amazed by how difficult it is to jump rope when you haven’t worked out in some time. 

A jump rope is a very cheap piece of home equipment which will have you working up a sweat in absolutely no time. If you manage to jump rope a few times per week, you’ll find that you’re feeling leaner, stronger, and more energetic. 

This form of exercise has been said to be better for you than running as it burns more calories, engages more muscles, but is considered a “low-impact” workout.

Furthermore, if you’re someone who absolutely hates running, this is the workout for you instead! Just ten minutes of jump rope is equal to 30 minutes of running. 

  1. Install a Pull Up Bar

When was the last time you did the monkey bars? As a kid, right? Well, the upper body strength that comes from pulling yourself up is phenomenal. 

So, why not install a pull-up bar in your own home and begin improving your muscles once again? 

This exercise can be done while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting for food to cook, or simply talking to a housemate. 

But, it’s certainly not a good idea to install a pull-up bar unless you know that the door frame can hold your weight! Consider hiring a professional to help you judge whether this is a good idea or not.

  1. Swap a Chair for a Stability Ball

Have you ever tried sitting on a stability ball for longer than a few minutes? After some time, you really notice your abs burning which means the workout is working.

A stability ball isn’t an expensive piece for your home gym but is great to incorporate into your workout for that extra sting. 

Either use it to sit on instead of a desk chair, or use it to do weights on. It’s also a great piece of equipment for putting your legs on and doing sit-ups against, Sure, this hurts but it does amazing things for your stomach muscles. 

Ultimately, the stability ball is strengthening your core which will result in improved balance and even a stronger, less painful back. If you’re someone who’s very clumsy, this is the right piece of equipment for you! 

Home Gym Equipment Makes Working Out Fun and Easy

After you’ve purchased your home gym equipment, it’s time to figure out where to keep it all. 

If you’re someone who simply forgets to workout, then why not place your equipment close by to the TV. This way, when you’re watching TV, you can also remember to squeeze in a workout. 

Do you need more fitness inspiration? Check out the rest of our website for more ideas on how to incorporate exercise into your everyday life.