7 Pro Tips To Pick The Right Anniversary Gift

Posted September 10, 2020 by in Lifestyle/ Shopping
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When it comes to buying an anniversary gift, you want to make sure that you get it right. Anniversaries are a time for celebration and you don’t want the occasion marred by picking a gift that isn’t quite right. If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Here are our 7 pro tips to picking the right anniversary gift:

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What Was Missing From The Big Day?

When your big day happened, was there anything that happened that made your wife or groom say that there was something missing? You may have rushed the gift list and forgotten something that you really wanted. Revisit that initial list and work out what was missing from it. It could be a watch, an item for the kitchen or something else entirely. 

It’s your chance to complete your big day and buy what was missing. For further in-depth reading you can see here.

Base It On The Year

Some anniversaries have items that are representative of the time spent together. You have pearl wedding anniversaries, cotton anniversaries and eventually silver and gold. If you don’t fall into the bracket of these benchmarks, buy something similar to the next benchmark you reach. 

That way you are already building up to the big gift when benchmarks are reached. 

Think Of Their Interests 

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to a gift, have a think of what interests your spouse. It could be outdoor activities, reading or another hobby that they may have. Think about what interests them and then buy accordingly. 

You might think they have everything they want when it comes to their hobbies, but there are always ways to upgrade what they have. 


If you aren’t sure of what to buy your spouse, maybe there is somewhere the pair of you always wanted to go. Maybe you didn’t make it there on your honeymoon or it is a destination that you only need a short break for. 

Book a trip over your anniversary, you won’t be able to keep it secret in case of your spouse needing to book leave from their job, but you can keep the destination quiet until you get to the airport. 

This way you can celebrate your anniversary in a place where you have always wanted to go and remember your special day. 

Have A Celebration

Everyone enjoys a party, and this can be done at any anniversary whether it’s your third-year anniversary or your thirty third year, a party is always a great way to celebrate an anniversary. 

Depending on what you like you can have a big party, rent an inside venue or an outside field with lots of space to invite all of your friends, family and colleges over to toast and celebrate your special day. 

If big gatherings are not what you want you can always have a smaller celebration with close family members, a sit-down meal to reminisce on the good times so far, tell each other stories about what you have been up to and you plan on doing next.

Speak To Your In-Laws

One of the best tips we can give you is speak to your in-laws. They will have a pretty good understanding of what it is your partner wants and likes, even if you are drawing at a total loss. They will have detailed knowledge of their favorite possessions when they were a child, their favorite music and their favorite colors.

This can help you build up a picture of a surprise gift that your partner may not even realize that they want. 

Create A Wishlist

Most people create wish lists on a variety of websites, ask your spouse if they have one anywhere and see if you can sneak a peek. You may find things on there that you didn’t even know that they needed or wanted. Failing that, just ask them if there is anything in particular, they want for an upcoming birthday or Christmas. This way, you aren’t giving it away that it might be a gift for the anniversary. Just make sure you are receptive to what you hear, so you can choose correctly. 

When it comes to choosing gifts, there are a few strategies that you can deploy to make sure that you get your partner something that they can cherish as you move forward with your lives. You can look at traditional anniversary themes or change it up to go modern.

If you don’t want to buy anything but would rather share an experience, listen and find out if there is anywhere, they want to go on a short break then book it.

Failing all of these, you can talk to your in-laws, as they will be a wealth of information about your partner. With these 7 pro tips, you’ll be hard pushed to get it wrong.