7 Signs That You Need a Mental Health Break (and How to Take One)

Posted June 2, 2019 by in Health + Fitness

According to this report, one in five Americans experiences a mental illness. That’s 43.8 million Americans in a single year. Neglecting your mental wellbeing can affect your every day life. You wouldn’t ignore your body when it exhibited symptoms of illness, right? So you shouldn’t ignore your mental health, either.

Here are seven signs you need a mental health break. Once you know how to recognize these signs, you can prioritize your mental health and get your life back on track: 

7 Signs That You Need a Mental Health Break (and How to Take One) // www.brokeandchic.com

  1. You’re Not Focused

It’s normal to feel unfocused from time to time. Realizing you’re more focused on the past than the present is one sign you need a break. Instead of burning yourself out, turn away from your current project. Take a life break and focus on yourself instead. Go for a walk or listen to some music.

This can help refresh your mind and give you a new perspective.

  1. You’re Sick (A Lot)

Your body will be the first to tell you something’s wrong. Mental strain can cause you to stress your body out to the point you often get sick. In addition to getting sick, you might also experience constipation, bad breath (a sign of digestive issues), and weight gain. 

Focus on your mental health the same way you would on your physical health. 

  1. You’re Tired But Can’t Sleep

Restlessness and insomnia are also signs you need a mental health break. Try exercising and meditating. As part of a daily routine, both can help you relax your mind and body after a long day.

  1. You Feel Hopeless

If you’re feeling sad or hopeless, take a mental break and focus on what you love. Try writing or painting; anything that calls to a creative passion. This can help you connect with your goals to refocus on the future.

  1. You Prefer to Be Alone

Isolating yourself from the people around you is also a sign you need a mental break.

Give yourself some me time. Try a spa day or mini-shopping spree to treat and refocus on yourself.

  1. You’re Being Reckless

Some people feel so hopeless that they turn towards drug abuse and other reckless behavior. If your mental health is impacted to this point, it’s time to find help. 

Places like this treatment center can provide you with the help you need if your mental health has reached this point. 

  1. It’s Been Too Long

According to this study, 52 percent of Americans didn’t even use all of their vacation days in 2017. Neglecting the chance to unplug from the world and de-stress can put a strain on your mental health.

One way you can tell you need a mental health break if it’s been a long while since your last vacation. Take a literal break. Put in those vacation days, set your stress aside, and recharge.

If you’re experiencing any of these seven signs, it’s time for a mental health break. Focus on your mental health for a little bit so you can get back to the world charged at 100 percent. If you’re not experiencing these issues, but you notice a loved one is, speak up.