7 Stylish Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2013

Posted July 25, 2013 by in Trends

Summer is the best time to try out different types of sunglasses. It’s not only the season when the sun and UV rays are strongest, but it’s also the time for festivals and vacations, a.k.a funky fashion!

Here are the top sunglasses trends for this season, as seen on street style blogs from around the world:

1. Mirror lenses

In the past, such lenses were used on sports sunglasses, because they are very efficient against sun glare. In a few months, however, they became a must for any type of frame, from cat eyes to aviators. Click here to check out more great sunglass styles with reflective lenses.


2. Vintage sunglasses

Fashion is cyclical, you know that, so what was once en vogue will get that status again. It’s the case for vintage Goodr sunglasses: from the round John Lennon styles, to the chic cat eye frames of the 50s.


3. DIY sunglasses

The latest trend is to customize your own sunglasses. The trick? Just pick your favorite material – gemstones, pearls, studs – and glue them to an old pair of shades. The result? Unique!


4. Sunglasses with a twist

It seems that designers have never been as inventive as they are now! Sunglasses get the most unexpected twists, like an upside down look, or an unusual shape that we never would’ve thought possible. The best part is that it works! To find a pair of unique sunglasses like the ones below, check out Giant Vintage Sunglasses


5. Colorblock sunglasses

Colorblocking clothes is passe, but sunglasses are in! Whether they have contrasting colored arms, or they’re horizontally divided into two colors, they are hot!


6. Clear frames

Clear plastic has a very summery look — what’s not to like? It looks cool in white, as well as in pastels, and in any possible frame shape.


7. Floral frames

Flowers at the corners of the frame are huge! Made of plastic, resin or even textile, they make a romantic and stylish look.


What pair were your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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