7 Tips for Choosing the Best Boarding School for Your Child

Posted June 19, 2021 by in Lifestyle

For students, boarding should seem like a “home from home,” a setting where they can immerse themselves in a distinct aspect of school life while forming lifetime bonds.

But, you might be thinking about how to choose a boarding school?

Ideally, a boarding school should be well-located to provide simple access and be in a pleasant environment. Plus, it should give your child excellent opportunities to explore academic subjects and develop keen interests in sports, creative activities, and more. 

In this guide, we’ll run you through seven handy tips for choosing the best boarding school for your child. Follow this advice, and your son or daughter will be primed to develop and grow in an inspiring environment!

What Are Their Values and Culture Like? 

As we’ve already stated, your child’s boarding school becomes their home from home. As a result, the ideals of the institution you’re considering must match your own.

Examine the mission statement of the school, as well as its curricular materials and teaching methods. Also, make an effort to observe the students on campus.

Do they appear to be stressed?

Are they pleasant to be around? Are they generally content and at ease?

You can learn more about the school’s beliefs and culture by speaking with students. You can also talk to admission officers, graduates, and families who have kids at the school. By asking questions and getting a feel of the place, you can gauge whether your child will get along with the other students.

If you consider a highly prestigious institution, such as Institut auf dem Rosenberg, it should be easy to learn what the school is all about. Elite boarding schools have the money and resources to provide some of the best teachers and resources to help your child flourish!

Curriculum and Specialization

A boarding school’s curriculum is a crucial characteristic that distinguishes one boarding school from another. Furthermore, many institutions specialize in subject areas such as the sciences, arts, or technology.

As well, many boarding schools may have strong ties to sporting institutions and can have a reputation for developing athletes, for instance.

Ultimately, you have to sit down and have a long hard think about questions such as:

What do you hope for your child’s future?

What are your child’s favorite subjects?

It’s also essential to figure out whether you are considering a reputable academic institution for your child. To determine this, looking at the school’s

exam success is a good start. Then you might want to think about if you wish to send them to a high or low-pressure environment. Some schools promote a highly competitive culture which might not be what you want for your child. 

Finally, another good indicator for figuring out the actual value and reputation of a school is to look at where some of its alumni have ended up.

School Activities

When you’re investing a lot of money in your child’s education and well-being, it’s important to know if there are activities available at the school that will suit your child.

Outside of the classroom, extracurricular activities allow youngsters to explore and develop their interests. It’s also a pleasant and peaceful method for kids to unwind, form friendships and conclude the day.

Some of the best boarding schools have superb facilities that enable your young one to pursue sports and activities they can’t do at home. Plus, along with high-end facilities, these types of schools employ elite coaches and trainers.

What Are the Costs?

Putting your child into boarding school obviously comes with a price tag. There are additional costs to consider and the tuition charge, such as boarding fees, acceptance fees, application fees, and so on.

Check the school’s website to determine if your budget allows you to meet the charges of attending. Make sure you check into flexible payment arrangements and discounts offered by several boarding schools.

It’s helpful to look at worldwide statistics about boarding school costs if you are looking to send your child overseas. 

Also, look at whether the school runs any scholarship programs. If your child has particular talents, many boarding schools are willing to offer scholarships whereby you pay much less than average. This is because the school might consider your child a solid asset to their institution.

Location and School Facilities

Everyone’s top priority at school should be safety – and this should be one of the key benefits of boarding school. To acquire a good feel of the surroundings, parents should always visit the school and inspect the boarding facilities.

As shown in a study conducted by Pennsylvania State University, the facilities and environment of a school can have a significant impact on student achievement.

Take a walk around campus to get a sense of the surrounding area. Examine the school’s facilities as well, particularly the dormitory and classroom interiors.

Is there anything in place at the school to keep pupils safe in the event of an emergency?

Is it staffed with well-trained security professionals who can ensure the safety of students on campus?

These are the types of questions you should be asking when inspecting the institution.

What Is the Pastoral Care Like?

When looking for the right boarding school, finding one managed by professionals experienced in pastoral care is critical. Not only does the campus need to be safe, but the domestic aspect of the school should be arguably even better!

Your child should be in a safe and caring environment, with a well-equipped boarding staff to help them through any difficulties they may have. These factors can be significant during the teenage years when your child will experience numerous changes in their life.

What’s the Additional Learning Support Like?

It’s a fact of life that not every child can be a high achiever in all their subjects. A good boarding school will have excellent additional learning support to help your child improve in areas where they struggle.

On the other hand, if your child is an exceptionally high achiever, then you’ll want to find an institution that can provide additional resources for them to reach their potential.

Find the Best Boarding School for Your Needs

The best boarding school for you and your child’s needs won’t be the same as others. Since you are paying for the privilege of high-quality education, you must go with one that fits with your values and beliefs.

And some of the best institutions will recognize and respect various cultural values. They may also look to develop them according to parent’s wishes.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck in finding the right school for your young one. Please feel free to browse our blog for more informative pieces.