7 Unique Embroidery Designs for Everyday Clothing

Posted March 10, 2022 by in Fashion

Have you heard of the hot 2022 fashion trend called “dopamine dressing“? It means choosing clothes intentionally to boost your mood. Psychologists discovered that what we wear can change the chemicals in our brain, affecting how we feel. So if you’ve been feeling tired and burned out, it may be time to refresh your wardrobe. But how can you do it without breaking the bank?

Why not try embroidery! Adding embroidery designs to your existing clothing makes old outfits feel brand new. Keep reading to discover seven trendy, creative embroidery ideas:

1. Flowers in Pockets

One of the cutest trending embroidery ideas is to have little bunches of embroidered wildflowers peeping out of your pockets. You can embroider these into jeans pockets or the front pocket of your shirt. Or hire this embroidery SoCo Signs Colorado Springs company to get it done professionally.

Another cute alternative is to embroider little animals peeping out. Put just their head, paws, and tail, so it looks like they’re riding around in your pocket.

2. Custom Spiritwear

Nothing is more fun than showing your spirit with embroidered hats and shirts. But why limit yourself to current, mass-produced designs? Get creative and design a logo yourself.

Professional embroidery services like DiscoverTee let you inexpensively design your unique logos on your choice of garment. Represent your team, club, or school with style. Find out more about DiscoverTee’s custom embroidery services here.

3. Embroidered Patches on Denim Jackets

Time to rock your inner ’80s child! Lots of trends from the ’80s are “in” again, including embroidered jean jackets. A quick and easy way to achieve this look without a sewing needle is to use patches.

Denim jackets are one of the most popular items to apply patches to, as they are durable and can be easily personalized. 4incustompatch makes it easy to order custom patches for your denim jacket- simply choose the design you want, enter the text or logo you would like embroidered, and select the desired color of thread you want.

Craft stores carry embroidered patches that are either iron-on or sew-on. Pro Tip: even if a patch is iron-on, hand stitch around the edge after ironing. This will ensure the edges don’t catch and lift over time.

Man Wearing Embroidered Jean Jacket

4. Incorporate Rips and Tears

Another cute embroidered clothing idea revolves around the rips in your jeans–literally! Incorporate the tear into your design. Embroider kooky characters around it who are trying to “mend” the rip.

Or make it a mouth by embroidering two weird eyes! Alternatively, you could fix the rip with embroidery, making the jeans both fashionable and appropriate for work or school. 

5. Embroidery Designs on Shoes

Converse sneakers and other canvas shoes are ideal for embellishing with embroidery. The wide stretches on their sides and across the top present unlimited potential for embroidered designs.

Vibrant roses in colors that contrast with your shoe color are always classic. Or, embroider scenes and activities that you enjoy when out-and-about. Shopping bags, Starbucks cups, and basketballs are fun and easy ideas.

Embroidered rose design on white sneakers

6. Use Logos

One hot idea for creative clothing designs involves using the manufacturer’s logos. Incorporate the Nike check or the Adidas mountain into your design for clever, eye-catching statement art.

7. Embroider on Knitwear

Once upon a time, everyone wore handmade knit sweaters during the chilly months. The range of colors and designs was a tribute to the creativity of the maker. Now, unless you’re at an “ugly sweater party,” unique sweaters are hard to find. 

You can make this fashion statement easy by embroidering premade knitwear. And it’s budget-friendly!

First, find a plain knit sweater at a thrift store. Pro tip: the smaller and tighter the knit stitches are, the easier it will be to embroider detailed designs.

Use yarn or all six strands of embroidery floss to create any design you can imagine!

Turn your clothing into eye-catching works of art by adding embroidery designs. Incorporating existing design elements such as logos, rips, and pockets will enable you to get creative and look trendy. 

Have fun making and wearing your latest embroidered creations. And if you enjoyed this, check out more of our great articles on fashion and lifestyle!

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