7 Vegan Beauty Gifts Everyone Will Love

Posted June 27, 2022 by in Beauty
Woman opening up a body scrub while doing her makeup

Getting the perfect gift for your special someone is never easy, but self-care and beauty products are always a safe bet since everyone loves looking great and feeling even better. Of course, you don’t want to get just anything you find at the store or online. No matter what you’re getting, from shampoo to lotion, you’ll want to find beauty products that are affordable,  high-quality, and better yet, that are good for the planet and don’t cause harm to animals. That’s why vegan beauty products can make the best gifts of all! 

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Benefits of Going Vegan with Your Beauty Products

  1. You Don’t Have to Eat Vegan to Make a Difference — Veganism is a lifestyle in which people abstain from the use of animal products with regards to both diet and other items like clothing. But not everyone is willing or able to eat completely vegan all the time, and for some this diet presents certain health challenges which makes it more difficult to follow. The good news is that you don’t need to follow a vegan diet to choose to purchase more vegan products. Remember that your wallet is your voice: every choice you make counts! If you’re going to buy mascara or foundation anyway, opt for vegan products and know that you’re making a difference by supporting companies making products that do not harm animals..
  2. They’re Affordable — Contrary to popular belief, vegan beauty products ARE affordable. According to the Vegan Society, vegan products are not necessarily more expensive than their non-vegan beauty competitors. While there are certainly some vegan beauty products that are pricey, they exist along  a spectrum just like you would see with conventional products that range from low-end, professional, and high-end. There really is no direct correlation with vegan products being more expensive than those that are non-vegan.

10 Vegan Beauty Gifts

  1. Vegan Skincare Sets When looking for high-quality vegan makeup, start with the basics by taking care of the skin first. If your giftee already has conventional skincare products such as a facial cleanser and moisturizer, you can start replacing these with vegan skincare products. A vegan skincare set is also a great gift idea for anyone who likes to try new beauty products or wants to revamp their skincare routine. 
  2. Vegan Hair Care Products — Giving someone vegan hair products is the gift that keeps on giving, and can work well for a wide variety of hair lengths and types. Allow your giftee to replace their current shampoo and conditioner with vegan hair care products.
  3. Vegan Bath Bombs — Ever tried those fun and fizzy bath bombs? There’s nothing more relaxing than tossing that ball into a nice, warm bath and watch the bomb “explode” and work its magic. Look for bath bombs that are made with 100% vegan  ingredients so that when your special someone is  soaking in their warm bath, they can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed to make it.  They’re a great gift for anyone looking for a little more TLC.
  4. Vegan Body Oils — While lotion is a great way to hydrate skin throughout the day, products that provide deep hydration, such as a body oil, can make an excellent gift.  A vegan body oil so they can relax and unwind, all while keeping their skin smooth and soft. Vegan body oils can improve the texture of the skin, help the appearance of scars, and help smooth out any stretch marks.
  1. Vegan Lipstick — One easy way to instantly glam up any look is with a beautiful, bright red lipstick. Everyone looks great with a pretty pink or gorgeous red lipstick color. Get someone a vegan lipstick made from vegan ingredients. 
  2. Vegan Setting Spray — On a hot summer day, after applying makeup, the last thing anyone wants is for the foundation to look cakey or for mascara to start running or smudging. Give the gift of a vegan setting spray to help keep makeup in place. It’s a great idea for any makeup lover with any skin type.
  3. Vegan Primer — If they love the idea of setting spray after putting on their makeup, your giftee will surely love a vegan primer. While primers are essential as a base layer for all skin types, they’re especially helpful for anyone with oily or combination skin. A vegan primer will help even out skin to help makeup last longer. 
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