7 Video Games to Nurture Your Creativity

Posted May 31, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Some video games tell you what to do. Others can encourage you to express your creativity by getting you to solve problems or by simply providing a canvas for one’s artistic ideas. Looking for one of these latter types of games? Below are just some of the best video games for getting those creative juices flowing. 

The Sims

Game designer Will Wright came up with the idea of creating a ‘virtual dolls house’ after losing his home in a fire. This led to the creation of The Sims video game series in which players control characters called Sims through their virtual lives. Players are able to design and build houses for their Sims, while guiding their Sims through various life stages from birth to death. It’s truly a game of imagination.


Also designed by Will Wright, the SimCity game franchise takes the task of controlling Sims but on a much grander scale. Players get to design and build a city. They also have the job of maintaining the city, which includes generating income and keeping the population happy. If you’ve ever wanted to ‘play God’, this is the game that will allow you to do it. 


Minecraft is a hugely popular game that encourages players to explore a practically endless virtual world. It has various different game modes to choose from – those that want to play a survival game can choose from various Minecraft Survival servers. Those that would prefer to solely be creative can meanwhile use the game’s Creative Mode to build epic structures and settlements. For some people, it has become a major creative hobby with some people recreating real world cities and even entire fantasy worlds like Middle Earth.


Terraria is pretty much a Minecraft clone – the biggest difference being that it is 2D instead of 3D. There’s a bit more exploration and combat involved in Terraria, and a lot more weapons to choose from. But there are also a lot of building options (more so than Minecraft). Whereas Minecraft is a game of simplicity that allows you to set your own goals, Terraria may be better suited to those that want a more complex progression-oriented game with building options.

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet was first released for the PS3 in 2008 and famously sported the tagline ‘play, create, share’. Players can create their own levels, which can include complex contraptions and obstacles. They can then share these levels for other players to play. It’s also possible to play other people’s levels. In other words, it’s pretty much a precursor to Roblox. 

Kerbal Space Program

Ever wanted to build a spaceship? Kerbal Space Program challenges players to take charge of a space program with the goal of helping an alien race (known as Kerbals) conquer space. On top of creativity, the game incorporates a lot of science and engineering, as well as space exploration. 

Life Is Strange

Life is Strange is an episodic adventure game in which players must make a series of decisions for their player – each decision having consequences later on. The ability to rewind time is what makes this game so fascinating as you can go back and make different decisions to change the future. 

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