7 Ways to Attract Talented Real Estate Agents to Your Team

Posted October 12, 2023 by in Career
real estate agent putting up sold sign

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, especially when it comes to hiring talented agents. Indeed, many real estate professionals are regularly being pursued by multiple brokerages. So if you want to ensure you have a robust team of talented agents, you’ll need to enhance your efforts and make your company stand out. 

From ensuring you offer something valuable to your recruits to maintaining a healthy company culture that would support new hires and current agents, here are a few ways you can attract talented real estate professionals to join your growing team: 

Be Visible

One way to attract top-performing real estate agents is to stay visible. You can do this by promoting your brokerage to agents while marketing your services to buyers and sellers. Start by regularly updating the content on your website and social media pages. It’s also a good idea to learn more about using real estate recruiting ads to find the best of the best in the industry. 

When marketing to real estate agents, it can be helpful to come up with a more targeted approach. This way, you get the attention of individuals with specific skills, knowledge, or level of expertise.

Build Your Company Culture

In any business, you’ll need to have a unique value proposition to convince people to patronize your services. It’s the same when recruiting qualified real estate professionals. They want to know what makes you better than other brokerages, and you can show this through your company culture.

Essentially, company culture comprises the beliefs and behaviors of employees. It includes how your team interacts with each other and handles business transactions outside the workplace. Company culture can reflect in your organization’s dress code, business hours, hiring decisions, and treatment of clients. If you haven’t formally defined your company culture, consider the mission, vision, and values your brokerage promotes. You can also ask current members what your team means to them. With these elements, you should be able to determine a culture that fuels your team to succeed.

Review Your Compensation Package

People work because they need to earn a living and an agent’s potential earnings can impact their decision of joining your team.  This means that you need to review the compensation your company offers and find out if it’s competitive enough to attract the industry’s best to join your brokerage.

If you’re a new business, you can consider increasing the total compensation of your agents or re-calculating the potential commissions each agent will receive. You can also include benefits like opportunities for networking or attending real estate seminars.

Offer a Training Program for New Agents

While compensation is an effective way to encourage talents to join your team, it isn’t the only thing they want or need. Many real estate agents also keep an eye out for companies that can offer them ways to improve their careers. New agents, in particular, appreciate a comprehensive training program that covers the best real estate business practices such as marketing, prospecting, selling, negotiating, and other important business topics, and they can learn about them through an online real estate license course. The training can also help them feel more confident about their abilities and positively affect their performance. 

Provide Continuing Education Opportunities to Experienced Agents

When it comes to experienced agents, most of them aren’t easily swayed by commissions because it’s something they’re probably enjoying with their current team. Thus, you need to be more creative. 

For example, offering an opportunity to continue their education might just be what will encourage them to jump ship. It also shows your prospects that you’re committed to their ongoing career development. Additionally, strengthening an agent’s skills and keeping them up to date with real estate industry trends can ensure your own success.

Invest in the Right Tools

Aside from training and further education, real estate agents also consider how a brokerage can help them succeed at work. This includes equipping them with the proper tools to do their job well.

The real estate tools you invest in should complement your company’s work processes. Having a reliable email marketing system allows your agents to send materials to potential clients about new listings to generate more business. Meanwhile, a customer relationship management system can help you and your team manage all business communications with leads and clients. No matter what tools you choose, make sure they will help your team improve their productivity and provide better client services.

Keep Current Agents Happy

Employing talented agents can support your business’s growth. That said, it’s also important to pay attention to the needs of your current team. A happy team will gladly invite other agents to join the company and won’t hesitate to advocate for the brokerage. Also, new talents will notice if your brokerage is a good place to work through your current pool of real estate agents. 

If you have plenty of friendly experienced agents, new recruits will naturally be curious about your brokerage. But if your agents feel miserable or seem like they have one foot out of the door, any individual might hesitate about joining your team.

Again, your brokerage isn’t the only organization recruiting real estate professionals. That’s why it’s imperative to make your company stand out if you want your business to grow. With these methods, you can show talented agents why it’s great to work with you and make it easier to convince them to join your team.