7 Ways Weddings Will Be More Fun In 2022

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We’re seeing a wedding boom already, but soon-to-be married couples should anticipate this explosion going well into 2022 and even 2023. After two years of no social interaction, post-pandemic weddings are predicted to be bigger than ever. Wedding planners and event designers say that trends are set to include bold colours, modern florals, interactive games, and loads of fun!

Here’s a look at the 7 top ways weddings will be more fun in 2022 and 2023

70 wedding decorations for 2022

Interactive Entertainment

Entertainment is always a major focus in weddings, but extravagant musical elements are very much in demand right now. Couples are incorporating new forms of acts, from headliners to Hamilton solos. This approach often extends beyond music, with new kinds of interactive entertainment like tarot readers or professional dancers being booked for weddings.

Alternative Florals

The bloom scene of 2022 is set to be “mono floral”, with small bunches of flowers in similar colours taking center stage. Some wedding experts predict that monochromatic floral tones are going to be a top style choice next year. This trend is probably a result of style as well as necessity, with flower shortages continuing all over the globe.

Experts agree that people are using smaller arrangements, but with bigger and more delicate solo flowers, in many ways echoing the Japanese style of flower arranging.

Additionally, instead of lavish flowers, couples are now concentrating their attention on elegant tabletop arrangements. A lot of couples are choosing to invest in unique linens, glassware, china, and flatware instead of actual flowers to decorate their tables. Although a more subtle approach, this elegant effect will be appreciated by your guests as soon as they sit down—plus, it’s way more cost effective.

If you can’t imagine your wedding without glamour florals, silk bouquets and dried flowers are becoming an affordable trend. You can even rent your wedding flowers. A few companies that rent out silk bouquets are Something Borrowed Blooms, Wedding Flowers for Rent, The Silk Stem Collective, and BLOOMSURENT. If you want to keep your silk or dried bouquets, there are many Etsy sellers. Here are a two of my favorites:


Get ready to see new interpretations of colours and neutrals in 2022. Green is sure to be the top choice because touches of green can go with every colour palette. Since florals grow in all shades with green leaves and stalks, this shade is rich, pretty, and natural. While a number of experts consider colourful events to be a leading trend, some still believe in the magic of the tried-and-tested neutrals.

Couples will go for the timeless appearance of a neutral colour palette but can add the element of surprise with a bright colour to accentuate the overall effect. You can have pinks and peaches with a bright pop of red, or a combination of white and green with marigold, for example.

70s Style

In line with recent fashion trends, the 70s are set to come back to events.  Although there are a number of ways for interpreting this period, some up-and-coming motifs that we’re likely to see are ribbed textures and pressed florals. Textures will be seen on candles, rentals, and paper details, which adds a great deal of warmth with an element of romance.

Pressed florals are also making a comeback: we’ll see them all over in 2022—on cakes, invites, and table numbers!


Micro weddings began as a necessity in 2020. Although guest counts continue to rise, some have chosen to stick with smaller events, as they’ve discovered that weddings should feel intimate. This intimacy can be increased by setting up cozy spaces to complement your setting.


People are finally all set to party! Gatherings with large groups have come back in full swing and couples are choosing to celebrate their special day with every one of their loved ones. Finally, you won’t need to restrict your guest list, and will be able to invite all your colleagues, neighbours, and distant relations.

Whipping up an upbeat atmosphere is going to be the key in 2022, with the help of design, entertainment, as well as surprise elements for ultimate enjoyment. Bachelorette parties with games and entertainment will have guests talking and create fun moments they’ll remember for years to come.

Destination Events

Thanks to high vaccination rates along with relaxing global restrictions, we can predict a comeback of destination celebrations in the new year. Whether you dream of getting married on a Caribbean beach, in the mountains, or in a historic city, all of this will (hopefully) be possible in 2022.

Even if travel is not yet back to normal, there are other ways to recreate this kind of destination wedding vibe. Couples who are not able to travel outside their own country can bring their dream destination to them. Think themed weddings, decked-out venues, and tons of fun!  

70s inspired wedding decor.

From bold colours and 70s décor to neutral themes and creative venues, weddings are set to be loads of fun in 2022. After more than a year of postponements, cancellations, and compromises, couples are now ready to create their own rule book. Whatever you choose to do for your wedding, remember to make it your own, and have lots of fun celebrating your love with the most important people in your life!

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