8 Ways to Be Drop Dead Gorgeous This Spring

Posted March 19, 2014 by in Beauty

For a lot of us, when a New Year begins, we tend to make these larger-than-life resolutions we just won’t keep. With spring less than a week away, it’s a great time to re-visit our resolutions from January and attempt to get back on track or change them to be more attainable.

Here, we give you some easy ideas, beauty habits, and some of our favorite, affordable skin and hair offerings to help make you feel and be more beautiful (inside and out) this season and beyond.

1. Commit to a Skincare Routine

I recommend cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day. Definitely try out a new regimen for at least two weeks before changing products, as this is the amount of time it usually takes for a formula’s results to show.

Woman washing face

Some of my favorite products in my skincare regimen this season include: Georgia NY Luxury Face Oil, Selara Faces Soothing Serum with high levels of Vitamin K and Ginkgo Biloba, and Origins Super Spot Remover.

2. Don’t Forget Your Neck!

When moisturizing your face, make sure to apply your skincare products to both face and neck area for optimal results. I find Yamerra’s Dual Function Natural Facial Serum to be divine as a hydrating daywear moisturizer (with sun protection) and an excellent firming and strengthening serum at night.

It takes me about 8-10 weeks to use up this pot of Eco-Luxury. It’s so nutrient-rich, I only need a little at a time.

yamerra natural facial serum 2oz- 1


3. Post-shower, Try Not to Dry off Completely

The moisture will lock in better on damp skin than it would if it was completely dry. I have fallen-in-love all over again with Yamerra’s Sensual Bliss Jasmine Sage Hair and Body Butter. It is a healing, soothing, all-natural Shea blend of fresh herbs and essential oils that contain high levels of Vitamin A and E as well as anti-inflammatory Sage.

The scent? Alluring, earthy, and ultra-sexy.

4. Learn about Nutrition

Eat more good-for-your-skin foods like salmon, almonds, and berries.

Another superfood re-introduced into my eating plan is Wheatgrass. It’s good for you because it contains Chlorophyll, which is excellent for skin rejuvenation. Read more about the benefits of Wheatgrass here.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Get at least 6-8 hours of beauty rest! This is a tough one I know, for me as well. I find that my mind keeps on going, even when I turn in for the night.

To prevent this from happening, I have adopted the habit of gradually starting the sleep process at least three hours before bed. I’ll have a cup of chamomile tea and shut off my phone and computer. This has really helped me relax and makes falling asleep way easier.


6. Take some “Me Time”

Give yourself a time out every now and then to catch up with your inner self and quiet the mind. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, yoga helps me bring my stress levels down — or else I end up wearing it.

Your remedy may be going for an hour run, or chanting in a quiet place. Find what works best and try to be consistent with it.


7. Clean Your Cell Phone Daily

Did you know that your cell phone contains more germs per square inch than a public restroom toilet? That’s like laying your cheek against the seat in a Burger King bathroom. Too gross! Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to disinfect every morning or night.


8. Love Your Skin…Love Your Hair, Love You!

 Remember to love your mind as well as your body, just as it is. That means dark under-eye circles, belly flab, unruly hair, and all.

Self-Love is a powerful thing, allowing us to dance in self-approval and love others. It makes us independent and strong, and helps our beauty truly radiate from the inside-out.


About the Author: 

Maryam Moma is a Sagittarius, twin, globetrotter, entrepreneur and creative at Yamerra. She loves vintage Balmain, natural beauty, salad and champagne. She’s also eco-conscious and ultra fashionable! Stay in touch by following her on Twitter.