8 Best Cleaning Products for a Truly Deep Clean

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People spend hours every day doing household tasks. One of the largest tasks among the many that they tackle is cleaning.

There’s nothing quite as annoying as spending time after a long day at work washing dishes or devoting a Saturday to deep cleaning your property. Fortunately, when you arm yourself with the right cleaning products you can heighten your productivity and get tasks done faster. But what exactly comprises a solid arsenal of cleaning products?

Below, we break down which tools, scrubs and washes you should be focused on getting your hands on:

8 Best Cleaning Products for a Truly Deep Clean

  1. White Vinegar

There is perhaps no safe substance on the planet that works as a cleaning solution better than white vinegar. Whether you’re wiping down class, scrubbing fabric or removing odd smells from sealed wood, white vinegar has you covered.

You can buy white vinegar in ultra-cheap 64-ounce bottles that those of you who are cash-conscious will love. For people that have pets or infants in their homes, white vinegar is a great pick since it’s 100% safe to consume.

  1. Krud Kutter

For messes that call for a little bit more than vinegar, we recommend turning to Krud Kutter to get the job done. Krud Kutter is a cleaning enthusiast’s go-to de-greaser since it works astonishingly well and is non-toxic.

Many find Krud Kutter to be so effective that they actually cut the solution with water to extend its use which apparently, doesn’t compromise its potency.

  1. Medium Bristle Tooth Brush

We’ve all had that small stain or spot that we’ve seen on a wall that we try to scratch off with our nail. Not only is scratching not a great idea for your nail but scratching might also permanently scar the surface that you’re trying to clean.

A better solution than sacrificing your body for cleanliness is to whip out a tooth-brush to get the job done. We suggest a medium-bristle brush since soft bristles might be ineffective and firm bristles could scrape your surface.

Dip your toothbrush in a surface-safe solution and massage out spots in circular motions for the best results.

  1. Ajax

When you shop for cleaning supplies, keep an eye out for Ajax which is a white-powdered substance that comes in paper bottles and sells for as little as $0.99. Don’t let its low-price or unassuming presentation fool you. Ajax packs a serious punch when it comes to cleaning durable surfaces.

Ajax comes in bleach and bleach-free varietals. If you’re using Ajax on non-white surfaces or on surfaces that come into contact with food, use its non-bleach version.

For best results when using Ajax, dampen an area before applying. Then, apply and let the Ajax sit for five to ten minutes. Finally, softly scrub Ajax into your appliance in circular motions and rinse when done.

  1. Bissell Carpet Cleaner

The carpet industry generates hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue every year. While we don’t mind its popularity given how warm and homey it can make a property look, when you combine carpet with pets, you’ve got a problem.

Pets have accidents, track in dirt and other undesirable elements into your home which embed deep into your carpet’s fibers. While vacuums can help with removing that junk, nothing does a better job of reviving your carpet than a carpet cleaner. To that end, Bissell carpet cleaners come with our highest recommendation.

Whether you invest in Bissell’s more commercial “Big Green” unit or their smaller “Revolution Pet Cleaner”, you’ll be happy with the results that you get.

  1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Wouldn’t it be great if every time one of your kids drew on your walls, you could just take an eraser, rub over the blemish and walk away? The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser makes that dream your reality!

From wall marks to floor blemishes, all you have to do to extract the Magic Eraser’s powers is spray some water over anything that you’d like to see go away and rub the eraser over it.

Even permanent marker can’t stand up to this cleaning product staple!

  1. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

The average person comes into contact with one-thousand different species of germs every day. Many of those germs live within your house.

An outstanding way to kill all of those invisible, sickness-inducing microbes is to grab a Lysol wipe and rub over any surface that’s frequently touched. Things like fridge handles, toilet bowls and showerheads are all great places to start. When flu season peaks its head during the fall/winter, you’ll want to be extra diligent about disinfecting.

  1. Invisible Glass

No cleaning products list is complete without giving a shout out to a glass cleaner. At the top of our glass cleaning substance hierarchy is none other than Invisible Glass.

Invisible Glass is residue-free which gives it a huge advantage over competitors like Windex. It also boasts a no scents, dyes and soaps formula that will help to keep your glass in excellent condition.

We understand the temptation to handle cleaning jobs with cheap, easily accessible products. What you’ll learn after working with quality cleaning products though is that the extra effort it takes to buy good tools pays off in the way of reduced cleaning times and better results.

Our team hopes that our product suggestions will empower you to clean more effectively in the future. If you find yourself craving more recommendations on how to keep your life chic without breaking the bank, do yourself a favor and browse more of our newest content.

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