8 Housewarming Gift Ideas Your Friend’s Will Love

Posted April 30, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Spring is finally here, and spring is notoriously known for fresh starts and moving days. In fact, 80% of moves take place between April and September—that means you may have a few housewarming invites coming your way over the next few months. Or maybe you’re the one who’s making the big move. Either way, a gift to celebrate a new start is must.

If you’ve recently been invited to a housewarming party or you’re celebrating a new apartment or house yourself, here are some housewarming gift ideas:


You can never go wrong with a candle. They smell great and they amp up the atmosphere by making the environment cozy and inviting. Gift an in-season sent, a scent that reminds you of the recipient, or a unique scent that will have them laughing. Etsy is filled with homemade candles at affordable rates, or you can simply stop at your local Target for an affordable candle.

A Throw Blanket

A blanket is not only thoughtful, but also an extremely useful gift—especially for those that love to read and binge on Netflix shows. They can get all cozy on the couch with their new throw blanket while they indulge in their new favorite season or book.

A Mug

If your friend is a coffee or tea enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with gifting a mug from PRINTEEAZ. Plus, whenever they drink out of it, they’ll think of you. Make it even more personal by gifting them a mug along with their drink of choice—either a bag of coffee or a box of tea.

A Plant

One of the hardest things about moving to a new place is the reality that it’s going to take awhile for it to feel like home. It always takes a few weeks—and sometimes months, to adjust to new surrounds and to decorate your new space in an authentic way. Adjusting to a new place can also feel lonely and depressing. With this in mind, plants are proven mood boosters, so consider gifting a plant.

If your friend has a busy schedule, keep that in mind when picking out a plant. If you’re not sure of your friend’s schedule, be sure to gift houseplants that are easy to take care of. You can’t go wrong with a cactus of succulent!

Wall Art

Naked walls are never fun. If you know the person’s personal decor tastes, consider gifting a canvas print, or a statement mirror to add some color and style to their space. If you love to create, you could paint your own canvas to gift them.


Just because you’re searching for a housewarming gift, doesn’t mean you have to gift something for the house specifically. Don’t be afraid to gift them something you know they’ll simply enjoy such as a pair of slippers. This would be an especially good gift for the person who just moved into a place with wood floors—they can get so cold in the winter! If your budget allows it, add a few self-care items to the slippers such as a few face masks. That way they can relax and unwind in their new home.

A Cookbook

Cooking in a new place is a great way to get settled—so a cookbook would make a great gift. Since there are so many different types of cookbooks available, you’ll have to do some research to ensure you gift them one they’ll actually use. Knowing their favorite food is a good place to start when starting that search. If they love spicy food, consider gifting a salsa recipe book!

A Christmas Ornament

Even though we are months away from the holiday season, a Christmas ornament is a great housewarming gift, regardless of the season. It’ll become sentimental for them when they decorate their first Christmas tree in the new place.

Moving is overwhelming, and getting settled can be even more overwhelming. That’s why it feels so good to receive a gift when going through the daunting process of moving house. If you’re getting ready to attend a housewarming party, we hope one of these housewarming gift ideas inspired you.

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