8 Kitchen Servery Window Options

Posted February 24, 2022 by in Home
A Kitchen With an Electric Stove

Kitchen servery is getting wildly popular with every passing day. So, what is kitchen servery exactly, what are the kitchen servery window options and which one should you go for? Answering all the questions right here after consulting many industry experts like Gas Strut Windows and many consumers.. Read ahead.

What Are Kitchen Servery Windows?

Let’s answer the basic question first. What is a Kitchen Servery Window? Servery Windows are spaces shaped like windows that open outdoors to make it very simple. This makes it a pathway to give food and drinks directly through the kitchen. They bridge the indoors and outdoors. The most common example is restaurant drive-throughs.

How to Select the Kitchen Servery Option?

Keep these things in mind before making any purchase:

  • ·         Size – The window should be large enough for people to sit at and enjoy.
  • ·         Style – Choose the style which blends with your building (We’ll discuss them ahead)
  • ·         Proofing – Make sure that you weatherproof the servery window since it would open outside.
  • ·         Lighting – Basic lighting so that people can eat easily is the key.
  • ·         Seating – Keep good spacing because the compact spacing isn’t always ideal.

8 Types of Servery Windows Options

There are various servery windows available to choose from today. Here are the current top picks by our team that you should 100% consider. Choose the one which suits your budget and style.

1. Passthrough Window with Coastal Charm

This is made for the beautiful ocean views that you can enjoy. It has a 6-panel window that passes through the kitchen. It is completely white in color, which adds a classy look to the window. The windows are big and wide, which lets the cool breeze enter the kitchen and create a soulful ambiance.

2. Craftsman Style Home with Accordion Window

This is a craftsman-style home window that has a bi-fold system. It is used mostly from kitchen windows to outdoor dining places. Food transporting from the kitchen to the outside tables becomes butter smooth and absolutely easy for you. The bi-fold system lets you create a counter on the other side which can be a bar or food counter.

3. Bi-Fold Window-Door Combination

The Bi-Fold Window system combined with Door technology can be the superior indoor-outdoor kitchen you have always desired. This option can make even some familiar places turn into open-air lodges.

4. Radius Passthrough Window and Bar

The radius bi-fold passes the window through the interior wet bar and connects it to the courtyard and barbecue area. Open yard parties would be great with this servery option. You can serve drinks from indoor to outdoor and indoor to indoor as well.

5. Wide-Open Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Folding Window and Door

This one is big yet consists of only 4 panels, but they are huge. This servery option would join the indoors and outdoors in the most seamless ways. If you pick this option, you are surely in for a treat since they are the finest option when you connect the kitchen to the outdoors.

6. Cozy Pool House with Two Passthroughs

This is a backyard option mostly for pools only. It is optimized in a certain way to have 3-panel windows, but two of them are. Each bi-fold window opens to an outdoor bar or food counter. This gives you extra room for sitting as well.

7. Spanish Farmhouse Style Home with Accordion Window

As the name suggests, this option has the Spain flavor to it. It is a bi-fold kitchen passthrough which creates a lot of room for natural lighting, so you don’t have to spend extra on lighting the servery window. It has wooden panels, which have a lush and high-end touch. Dark colors with red undertones would be the perfect blend for a Spanish-style house.

8. Tropical Tiki Bar with Bi-Fold Window

One of the finest in the market. The Tiki Bar servery option is an absolute beast in bi-fold options. It is a 4-panel all-wooden window option that opens to an amazing open space like pools and a courtyard. It is the perfect beach anthem window option.

The options aren’t limited to these, obviously. Still, these were our top picks for the 8 best types of kitchen servery window options. Hope this article helped. Make sure you check the requirements first, and then go for an option that suits your vibe.