8 Reasons You Should Learn to Knit

Posted November 1, 2020 by in Lifestyle
learning how to knit

Knitting is experiencing something of a revival at the moment, with people of all ages picking up some needles at home, on the bus, or in a café. Part of this is due to the push for more sustainable clothing, and the trend for unique handmade items, as just about every type of garment and soft furnishing, can be knitted.

This is not the only reason why knitting is such a popular pastime and has been for so many years. Here are eight reasons why you should at least consider learning to knit:

why you should learn to knit
  1. Knitting is Relaxing

Knitting can be a breath of fresh air for people with busy and stressful lives. Knitting enables us to switch off from daily troubles and focus on a repetitive and satisfying task, which is beneficial for our mental health and reduces stress.

  1. Knitting Keeps the brain Young

To knit, we need to use the logical side of our brain as we need to calculate yarn lengths and the number of rows and stitches required. This gives the brain a workout, keeping it younger and sharper.

Knitting needs so much concentration; you will soon lose track of time. 

  1. Knitting is a Low-Cost Hobby

To get started with knitting, all you need is some wool, needles, and a pattern, so you certainly do not need to break the bank. You can head into a wool shop London and pick the color which appeals the most and a simple pattern and give it a go without a big upfront investment.

  1. Knitting Encourages Creativity 

In the beginning, you will be following patterns, but you can play with color and types of yarn to create something unique. When you have more experience, you can start to interpret patterns and even think of your own, so the sky is the limit in terms of creativity. Click here for some possible knitting projects. 

  1. Knitting Boosts Self-Esteem

When we put time and effort into a task and come out with a result at the end, we feel satisfaction and pride in ourselves. This translates directly into improved self-esteem.

Knitting enables us to create gorgeous and unique items which you created all by yourself. The feeling is addictive, and soon enough, you will have multiple projects on the go.

  1. Knitting Brings Health Benefits

In addition to reducing stress and boosting self-esteem, knitting has also been linked to improved physical health. Knitting can help to reduce blood pressure, improve dexterity, and make the immune system more resilient. 

  1. Knitting Can Bring in Cash

Depending on the quality of your work and how quickly you can finish pieces, you might be able to sell what you make. It might not generate enough income for you to give up the day job, but you could earn some pocket money or raise money for charity. 

  1. Knitting Creates gifts for Loved Ones

If you do not want to sell what you make, you could give your creations to friends and family. From scarves and mittens to blankets and jumpers, nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a handmade gift.