8 Things We’re Coveting from Rodale’s — a Website for All Things Sustainable

Posted June 24, 2013 by in Shopping

A friend of mine recently introduced to me to Rodale’s, a newly launched e-commerce website filled with all things healthy and sustainable. Think organic teas, sustainable yoga accessories and chemical-free beauty products. Their claim: “to make the world better—and your life healthier—through shopping.” We really can’t complain about that!

I firmly believe that the purchases we make say what type of world we want to live in. That being said, organic food and sustainable fashion isn’t usually on the cheap side but the more you purchase things that make a difference the more likely the world will change for the better. Below are 8 things from Rodale’s that are good for the environment AND your wallet:

1. These Sunglasses

How cool are these!? Each pair are made with sustainable bamboo and recycled/reclaimed resin. They come in either pink, teal or brown.



2. This Canvas Bag

It’s made out of recycled canvas and we think it would make a wonderful gym bag!



3. This Tooth Powder

Yes, it sounds weird, but that’s why we want to try. You’re supposed to tap a small amount of powder onto a wet toothbrush and brush as usual…fancy! Have you ever used a tooth powder before?



4. This Candle

How cute would this be on your night stand?  This candle holder is made from the pine floor joists of abandoned 19th-century houses (so cool!) and is filled with a pure beeswax votive.



5. This Hair Defrizzer

Do you turn into a frizz monster in the summer? I certainly do. This high-performance blend of organic plant and essential oils is designed to protect, moisturize, and restore wet or dry hair. Also, if you read the ingredient list, you’ll actually know what each item is. A rarity these days.



6. This iPad Case

How cute is this iPad case? If you still don’t have a cover for your iPad case, look no further. The best part is it’s made out of recycled fleece and canvas!



7. This Coconut Oil

This is by far the new “super oil.”  Move over argan! Unlike argan oil, coconut oil is great for cooking, adding to smoothies, moisturizing the skin AND repairing dry hair.



8. These Coasters

Save your coffee table from water rings with these cute coasters made out of recycled paper!



Get lost on Rodale’s and tell us what you’re coveting in the comments below!