8 Tips on Planning a Birthday Getaway for Friends

Posted October 8, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that getaways produced positive emotions, less depression, and more satisfaction in people. 

So instead of dedicating a single night to your friend’s birthday, why not plan a birthday getaway? Not only do you get to recharge but it gives you uninterrupted time to bond, party, and try new activities.

If you’re unsure how to plan a birthday getaway, you’ve come to the right place. Here are eight tips to help you.

1. Choose a Destination

Before planning parties with friends, choose the perfect destination.

If the group is only free over the weekend then find a closer location so travel doesn’t take up most of the vacation. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing options available all over the united states, from the rugged beauty of the western countryside seen from an antelope canyon tour to fan boating the Florida everglades. You must also ask everyone what they want from the birthday getaway whether it’s a chance to unplug in nature or paint the town red in a new city. 

To make the trip a surprise, invite the birthday friend and don’t tell them there’s a surprise celebration during the trip. You can even pretend it’s just the both of you and ask everyone to meet you at the hotel for a surprise welcome. A major bonus is they can help organize the party so you can jump straight into celebrations once you both arrive.

2. Allocate One Person to Organize Everything

Like every vacation, it’s easier if one person organizes everything as it’s more efficient and less complicated.

They can book everyone’s flights and accommodation so the process is stress-free. You should also ask party-goers to plan activities around their passion. For instance, get the foodie to check out the best restaurants and a culture fanatic to add visiting local attractions to the itinerary.

3. Set a Per-Person Budget

Sticking to a birthday getaway budget is a must so everyone can join in the activities. Ask the group how much they can spend on the vacation and make sure planes don’t exceed the budget because you don’t want anyone feeling left out.

So if you dream of going to Cabo but the airfare is too expensive for some, find a closer beach for your friend’s birthday getaway. Check for flight deals and set a notification on Google flight alert so you know if there’s a price drop for your travel dates.

4. Don’t Give Everyone Too Much Choice

Make sure you don’t have a long list of choices as everyone will have a different preference and it could lead to unnecessary drama. If you’re the organizer, consider everyone’s budgets, then outline four possible hotels and flight routes so they can approve them. It’s likely that they’ll be happy with at least one option. 

You should also consider travel insurance so if you cancel a booking, you don’t lose your investment. As a general rule, every person on the birthday getaway should buy their own travel insurance so no one’s footing the enormous bill. Luckily, there are travel insurance plans for every budget so don’t forgo it.

5. Find Awesome Accommodation 

Find shared accommodation so that you can all bond on the trip. Avoid booking four separate hotel rooms as there’ll be nowhere to hangout so choose a beach house, condo, or an apartment where you can share home-cooked meals and have pre-drinks before going out

You should also find accommodation near the action so you don’t have to worry about catching cabs to and from the city’s hotspots or the beach. For example, if you decide to visit Schaumburg, there are some great extended stay hotels in Schaumburg located near local attractions, family-friendly attractions, and business hubs.

6. Make Sure There’s a Birthday Dinner 

Celebrating your friend’s birthday over food and drinks is a must. Make sure you book their birthday dinner at a swanky restaurant to show how much you appreciate your friend.

Or, if you have a fully-equipped kitchen at your accommodation, hire a personal chef to whip up a gourmet dinner before hitting the ice bar party in town.  

And you mustn’t forget the cake and birthday party gifts!

7. Arrange Activities 

Arrange fun activities during the birthday getaway trip and don’t forget to schedule some downtime so everyone can relax. Depending on the birthday friend’s preferences, the activities can range from a beachside yoga class to an afternoon visiting art galleries. You can also check the Myrtle Beach escape room for some adrenalin fun.

If you’re often doing the same activities back home, try something new. For instance, if you often go to the movies then go to an escape room instead. While tradition is great, you want this birthday getaway to be unforgettable and fun for everyone. Another great way to break the mundane and make this birthday getaway special is to take a trip to the rodeo. Watching daring riders hang on for 8 seconds with nothing but their sense of balance and determination will surely add a thrilling experience. Plus, there’s always the chance that you’ll catch some country music from some of your favorite artists as part of a rodeo show.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t create a strict itinerary otherwise the vacation will feel more like a school field trip. Highlight must-see attractions, events, and restaurants but let everyone decide when they want to do it. If someone is arriving later on the trip, save the best attractions for then so they don’t feel left out.

8. Keep Things Fair

The key to a drama-free birthday getaway is to make sure everything is fair. For instance, if one friend is stuck with the sofa bed while another grabbed the master suite, make it up to them like reducing their accommodation fee or letting them pick the restaurant.

It’s important to avoid misunderstandings. So agree that everything in the refrigerator is communal unless stated and everyone takes turns washing up.

Now you know how to plan a successful birthday getaway.

Allocate one person to organize flights and accommodation, don’t overwhelm the group with options, and collectively decide on a budget so no one feels left out. Although you don’t need a strict itinerary, have a list of must-see eateries, events, and bars so everyone can celebrate the birthday friend together. Have fun!

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