9 Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Posted October 15, 2021 by in Lifestyle

When you’ve been to a few weddings, you’ll notice that they’re all very similar. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want a unique wedding that your guests will remember for decades, you should pick one of these alternative wedding ideas:

Tarot Card Reader 

Instead of having your traditional DJ, hire a tarot card reader for an hour. This will show your guests that you are willing to do something different. Tarot card readings have been around for centuries, so your guests will love it if you offer them a reading at your wedding.

Vegas-Inspired Performers 

Why not have a little bit of Vegas at your wedding? Hire a few Vegas-inspired performers to liven things up. For example, you could hire magicians, acrobats and contortionists. They’ll amaze your guests and give them something else to talk about on the way home from the reception.

Poetry Writer 

A poetry writer is a different option to hire. They will offer their services to write and perform original wedding poems for your guests. A nice touch—especially if you or your partner are writers yourself, or lovers of poetry.

Drag Performance 

Your guests will love the idea of a drag performance. They’re very theatrical and will keep your guests entertained for an hour or more. You could even have several drag acts doing different performances, such as singing and lip-syncing.

If you want something really different, a drag act is perfect for you.

Casino Tables

If you’re near a big city, you can hire casino tables. These are miniature versions of the ones you find in Vegas, and they’ll provide your guests with something different to do during the wedding reception. They might even win some money and take that home as a souvenir of your special day! First though, you should practice on the best UK online casinos

Ballet Dancers 

If you have ballet dancers at your wedding, the guests will be amazed. They’ll give an amazing display for everyone to enjoy during your reception. If you wanted a more modern twist on this, get them to do some contemporary dance challenges instead. It would still look fantastic and keep your guests entertained!

Outdoor Lawn Games  

Hire a few outdoor lawn games to keep your guests entertained. If it’s a summer wedding, why not rent some croquet sets or bocce sets? These are very popular and will ensure that your guests have something to do during the day.

Tea Bar 

Why not have a tea bar at your reception? This is a fantastic alternative wedding idea and guests will love it! You can hire a barista to make the tea and coffee. Then, set up a table with different kinds of tea for your guests. Your guests will be able to try them all out and choose which ones they like best. Through in some hay bales and you’ve got yourself a great little diversion.

Chocolate Fountain 

A chocolate fountain is perfect for the dessert course at your wedding reception. Everyone loves it and it’s not something you will see at every wedding, so your guests will be very impressed.

*Photos by Agung Pandit Wiguna