9 Benefits of Having Art at Home

Posted March 1, 2022 by in Home

Art is the extension of the artist’s soul. It speaks to us in languages only we can understand and interpret. Therefore, deciding on a specific art and design to bring into your place of refuge is also a personal choice. Having pieces of decorative artwork will bring life into your home. If you are considering buying art for your home, go deeper than looking for pieces that “look nice”. Take a pause, follow your instinct and feel if you have a connection with the piece. There are benefits of having art in your home. Here are 9 reasons why you should consider shopping for decorative art.

Man sitting on a chair in a living room, admiring some art and design

Why You Need Art

  1. Art as a Storyteller

Art tells a story behind the artist, it expresses cultures and captures memories. It lets you express yourself and brings a human touch into your home. It encourages curiosity and dialogue. So be ready to tell a story about a certain art piece that resonated with you. Before you buy any artwork, first consider looking at local artists’ collections. Walkthrough a few exhibits and if you can, talk to these local artists to acquaint yourself with the “men behind the madness”. Everyone has their own taste. But be open to understanding and respecting the beauty in each piece from the artist’s eyes.

  1.  Art Sets the Mood

As a homeowner, you should take time to determine the theme of your house. Then, decide on what art and design would complement it. Think along the lines of decorative artwork. For example, if you prefer an oriental-themed home, Japanese framed paintings or artifacts would be a great way to set the mood and add personal character to your space. Don’t be shy to showcase souvenirs from your travels. That would bring more authenticity to the theme.

Oriental painting to complement an Asian inspired home
  1. Bring Life into Your Home

Art and design instill a fresh vibe in your home. Your home is your sanctuary. So treating it as such means making it a comfortable living space. Develop a soothing ambiance that is visually appealing. Do this by decorating it to your liking. To bring life into your home means surrounding yourself with art that connects with you. It will help you enjoy your home even more and make it a place you’d love to come back to.

  1.  A Spacious Illusion

If you are thinking of making your house or room look more spacious, one trick is using wall murals for living room or on any other walls in your house. It is a bold move to make a boring wall into a thought-inspiring one so make sure it blends well with the theme of your home. Murals are eye-catchers and can uplift the vibe in any room. Find some inspiration from Pinterest or design your own. If you’re nervous about doing it yourself, look for a local artist or a talented friend to help you achieve the design you want.

Woman painting a wall mural
  1.  Artwork as an Investment

The fact that art can stand the test of time is one reason why they become more valuable over the years. But do you ever wonder, what exactly makes art more expensive? In most cases, an art piece’s current value can be attributed to provenance. In other words, the historical record of ownership of the art piece. If it has gone through the hands of one or more famous people, it becomes more expensive. When it comes to old masterpieces, they are typically displayed in museums with tight security rather than being sold. But once in a while, serious collectors do purchase a piece at a hefty price. Another reason that dictates the worth of an art piece is its artist, its authenticity, and its rarity. 

Expensive paintings hung in an elegant home
  1.  Art Improves Mental Health

The healing power of art should not be underestimated. We’ve talked about how acquiring art can be beneficial. But have you ever considered making your own art and displaying it in your home? According to Harvard studies, drawing and painting stimulated memories in people with dementia. It also helps relieve stress. People with depression, anxiety, and even cancer showed signs of improvement in mental health. It better enabled them to reconnect with the world. Art and design activities also improved memory, reasoning, resilience, aided in communication, and helped address the cognitive decline in older people. 

  1.  Support the Community

Buying decorative artwork locally and outside your town supports the community. When you travel, make it a point to visit places that sell authentic works of art. There is a mix of traditional and aspiring artists. And every time people buy their works, it helps their livelihood and in turn their community. It’s about the preservation of their culture. It’s also about the pride of their history and art style. For the artists, buying their art allows them to continue in their creative process. It will inspire artists to flourish and grow.

  1. Getting in Touch with Our Emotions

Art has a funny way of making us feel vulnerable. When we look at a certain painting or sculpture, it makes us reach deep down in our emotions and thoughts and interpret its meaning in our own eyes. Sometimes we want to validate that interpretation by looking at the artist’s motives himself. Come to think of it, is that validation going to do any good? Maybe what is more important is the connection you’ve made with that art piece and the urge to want to own it.

  1.  Art Encourages Bravery

The life of an artist may be a challenging one. They are naturally creative but this path can come with sacrifice both financially and socially. Not only that but putting themselves out there means being met with harsh criticism at times. Keep that in mind when you are admiring a work of art. Think of the bravery these artists possess to stay strong in their element.  Hopefully, that encourages you to be brave too. 

After reading through these benefits, which are your favorite ones? How far would you go to own or create art that speaks to you? We hope these are reasons enough to carefully plan your art and design style for your home. Make your home a piece of art in itself.