9 Breathtaking Summer Styles for Women Who Love Warm Weather

Posted April 25, 2019 by in Fashion

Fashion is a powerful thingThe clothes you wear can completely change your mood. In fact, they can even improve your performance, too. 

Most importantly, your style is an expression of who you are. When the weather heats up, your wardrobe should, too. If you need some tips on how to make that happen, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll give you some summer styles for women that will make you look and feel great. 

Need some summer fashion inspiration? Read on to find your next new look. 

  1. Rocking Rompers

Jumpsuits have been a huge fashion trend in the last year or so, with many women using them as an all-in-one solution instead of different clothing combinations.

They’re more practical than a dress, giving you much more coverage and freedom of movement. At the same time, they still allow you to achieve the appearance of a dress. It’s a win-win!

  1. Delightful Denim

Denim never goes out of fashion. It works all-year-round, but in the summer, you can really have fun with it.

That’s because you can switch plain old jeans for cute denim shorts. A high-waisted pair looks great with a crop top or bandeau, while a low-cut pair goes perfectly with a tank top or a blouse.

You can also bring out your denim skirts and jackets. Wearing them together was once a crime of fashion, but this style now made a comeback. Even celebrities are donning the double denim look, so have at it!

  1. Pool Party Outfits

As the weather heats up, the swimwear starts to come out. But for a full day in the sun, you need more than just a bikini or a one-piece. Swimwear will make the base of your outfit, but you can accessorize to dress it up a little more.

Pair it with cute clothes that are easy to sling on and off, such as a dress, a long skirt, or linen pants. Even a simple button-down shirt can look great thrown over a bikini.

Top the look off with a pair of oversized sunglasses, and you’re ready to head to that pool party. If you’d rather bring the fun to your place, check out this great company to get ideas for a pool of your own.

  1. Sassy Straw Accessories

Accessories can make or break your outfit, so choose them wisely. In the summer months, straw ones are always a safe bet. 

An oversized straw hat will keep the sun out of your face while adding a cool, edgy look to your outfit. If that’s not for you, try a straw bag. You can always go for a cross-body bag to avoid having to carry it around all day. 

  1. Cute Crop Tops

One of the best things about warmer weather is being able to wear crop tops. This 90’s fashion trend comes back in style every summer, so make the most of it this year by stocking up on a few of your favorites now.

If the idea of getting your midriff out makes you a little nervous, don’t worry. This look is for everyone! You can layer a jacket over the top or wear them with some pants that hang above the waist to close some of those gaps.

Crop tops don’t always have to be tight and tiny. You can get bigger, billowing varieties, and some come with balloon sleeves or capped shoulders. Play around with a few pieces to find a style you love. 

  1. Strappy Shoes

Treat yourself to a pedicure because it’s time to expose those toes! Ditch the stuffy ankle boots and pumps for heels, mules, sandals, wedges or peep-toes. During the summer, these strappy shoe varieties make the perfect addition to any outfit. 

  1. Flowing Floral Garments

In the summer months, we lean towards light, breathable clothing that adds some layers without raising our body temperature. Kaftans and kimonos are both great for that. While you’re wearing them, they won’t cling to your body and make you sweat.

When it gets a little too hot, you can easily slip them on and off. Unlike a jacket, they’re not too heavy or bulky to carry around. Sarongs are also a perfect choice for this. Go for floral prints, which fit right in with a bright, summer theme. 

  1. Popping Prints

Floral prints aren’t the only ones you can wear in the summer. There are plenty of others you can try, too.

Cute cartoon prints are in right now, and many of us are now happily sporting clothes that our middle school selves would have been proud of. Cherries, unicorns, mermaids, rainbows and ice creams are just some of the items you can find on these adorable pieces.

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, you can always go for stripes, paisley prints or geometric prints.  

  1. Magical Maxis

A list of summer must-haves wouldn’t be complete without mentioning maxi dresses. These dresses are a perfect combination of comfort and style. 

Before you pick yours, consider the best cut for your body type. If you want to highlight your curves, opt for an A-line shape. If height and length are what you’re going for, go for one that falls in a column. You can always cinch them at the waist with a belt, too. 

When it comes to footwear, these pieces look best with flats and open-toed sandals. Avoid boots, heels, or anything else that will draw attention away from the dress instead of complementing it. 

Styling on a Budget 

Now that you know how to wear the best summer styles for women, the next step is to start shopping!

Don’t worry — getting a hot new wardrobe for this season doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can look great without breaking the bank by shopping the smart way. To find out how, see some of our favorite outfits that cost less than $45