9 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Android Phone

Posted January 24, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Much like the PC, the versatility and open-license of the Android platform creates a huge amount of diversity. New programs, apps, and features come out all of the time. With so many options and ideas out there, you may not know some of the cool things to do with Android devices.

Getting the most out of a device means getting the most out of the money invested in your deviceThat said, it’s also a lot of fun to be the person who knows how to do all of the things. There’s a social currency to be won in being the person turned to when it’s time to learn difficult things.

Not that most of these are difficult, but they will illicit some wows from those who haven’t discovered them. Without further ado, here are 9 cool things you can do with your Android device: 

  1. Locate and Remotely Lock

Enabling this setting through the Android Device Manager lets you access portions of the phone from a computer. This means you can ring up your phone if you think you may have lost it in the couch or misplaced it in the home.

Finding a phone that’s gone missing saves a lot of money. It also happens frequently, over 9 million phones were located using utilities and apps such as this in 2011.

To turn on your Device Manager, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and set up a login to be used remotely.

  1. Swipe Typing

Most people can think and talk faster than they can type on a keyboard. Add in the excruciation of the small phone keyboard and you’re likely to forget what you were thinking by the time the first sentence is complete.

Get your typing moving with swipes and gestures. Some devices come pre-loaded with the option, for others, you ‘ll need to find an app through Google Play.

Glide your finger from letter to letter and the device will offer choices for what you meant. It isn’t always 100% but speeds up typing for most users.

  1. LED Control

Whether you’re looking forward to hosting a party, some alone time, or meeting a special someone setting mood lighting never fails to impress. Get a few connected smart LEDs and wirelessly program them through your phone. Change color, brightness, and even special effects with a few clicks.

Go one extra step and change up intensity and color with some vocal commands. Live in that future now.

  1. Customize Vibrations for Contacts

Have you ever wanted to pull a psychic routine with your friends and family? to silently perceive that you’re getting a call and also predict who it’s from?

With individualized vibration settings for each contact, this odd reality can be yours. Simply edit a contact and scroll down to select a vibration pattern. While you’re there, you can also set individual notifications and rings for texts and calls.

  1. Watch Video Content Offline

The data storage on your Android phone isn’t just for contacts and applications. You can download video content from sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and TikTok.

You will need an app to get this type of content to save to Android device. It takes only a minute to do and then you are ready to utilize hotspots and WiFi to load up your phone and save your data for other things.

One use for an app like this is to keep your music playlists fresh with and get offline access to your YoutTube music mixes.

  1. Track Fitness

Apple isn’t the only game in town when it comes to getting you healthy and digitizing your vitals. For some apps you also need a connected wristband, for others, the phone does all the work.

Track the steps in a run, review your route and pace, and even ballpark your calories burned. Taking it up an extra notch, you can compete with friends or even strangers through group step and fitness challenge apps.

  1. Share Tabs Across Devices

If you’re one of those people that hates to put down a project because you have to travel, this is the tip for you.

For those getting a phone to use at a job, this should be high on the list of what to do when you get a new phone. Open Chrome, click for a new tab and then select “Other Devices” from the tab.

Now you can keep all of your tabs and browser history connected as you move from your desktop, phone, laptop, and tablet as if life was all one big connected machine.

  1. Emulate Games

Okay, so maybe working and researching across tabs isn’t what you use your phone for. Maybe you need more fun things to do on your phone.

Well, with Android you can emulate PC and Nintendo games for that on-the-go fun you’ve been missing out on. Why bother pulling out a secondary device when you can load up your favorite classics with a swipe.

Spice up your commute (unless you’re the one driving) with a few third-party apps and engage. Always read up on reviews when picking an app to avoid scams, games are a prime target for malware.

  1. Universal Remote

As you may already know, a remote is nothing more than a transmitter sending signals along a frequency. Some Android phones come armed with infrared signal senders. With these, you can load up an app and control things in your world. Work your garage, your community gate, the TV the radio and more.

Setting up the remote takes a bit of time as you pair it with each device you intend to control but you’ll never lose the remote when its the thing in your hand 80-% of the day.

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