9 Most Efficient Career Drivers in a Changed Employment Landscape

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These rapid changes couldn’t but reflect on the job market. In the past, education and credentials directly affected work acceptance. Today, individuals with diverse skills, interesting experience, and exemplary communication abilities are in high demand.

Career drivers have changed just as well. Education, seen as a privilege in the past, today is a must-have. In addition, one has to offer something unique and extra to go through the applicant tracking process, get more interviews, and land a dream job.

What would this “extra” be?

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Strong Application

For sure, no one will learn about your skills and competencies until you tell them. That would mean that you, as a job applicant, should see your resume and cover letter as one of the most efficient career drivers today.

Crafting a winning resume has never been more important than today. You have to follow a bunch of rules to make sure you send the right message to the employer. Before that, you need to make sure that your resume is ATS-friendly and goes through various resume-scanning software.

Fortunately, there are lots of services offering help in crafting a bot-beating resume. You just need to find an online resume platform meeting your needs. For example, ResumeService24 is the right place where everyone can get professional help to build their professional profile.

Most people tend to underestimate resume writing and rely on personal skills or look for resume examples online, however, most free examples are too general and may not correspond with the position you are looking for. If you want to get a personalized and unique resume, we would recommend using resumeperk editing services that will help you to tailor a perfect career history and professional experience.


Do you know what key skills you’ll need regardless of the field you are in? Communication is one of them, definitely. Whatever profession you have, your ability to communicate your ideas and listen to others defines your success.

People who are absolutely unable to communicate are often not seen as a great addition to a team, regardless of their professional aptitude. On the contrary, those who drive change by communicating ideas and discussing them with others define today’s employment landscape.

Effective communications make people better collaborators and motivate them to make contributions and be more engaged in group projects. Developing better communication habits requires several vital skills including not only verbal and nonverbal communication but also having the ability to communicate efficiently in the digital age; virtually and asynchronously. Participation in training for improving communication will help professionals embrace skills for both onsite working environments as well as asynchronous communication tips for remote work.

Networking and Relationship Building

Networking has become fundamental for career growth today. Being able to act as a social connector, liaising between different stakeholders – this is what every hiring manager looks for in mid and senior-level employees.

Networking and relationship building is also about representing the brand. If you can establish rapport with influencers and create a whole new environment around you, that is appreciated by every employer. The ability to draw others and make them care is exceptionally useful for brand development.


As tired as you can be of double standards, here comes the biggest one. You should be able to work in teams, collaborating and communicating to the best of your ability. Yet, at the same time, as a professional, you should be able to work independently, under zero or minimal supervision.

That means that a good specialist is skilled enough to complete delegated tasks alone, contributing to their team’s effort. With all that in mind, teamwork is another efficient career driver today.

Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand will always help you. If you don’t know how to invest in your career, the best thing you can do is define your place in the industry and build your brand.

Establish yourself as a professional with a unique set of skills. Define those attributes that make you a professional and let others know about them. Professional platforms, social media, and portfolio websites can help you with that.


A creative mindset is appreciated like never before. Today, it is closely intertwined with innovation, which formulates the basis for all emerging businesses. With customers getting more and more demanding, creativity and innovation become the two highlights that can drive your career upwards.

Creativity adds value to your work. It helps make it stand out. If you are ready to bring yourself to a brand-new level, employ your creative mindset and innovate.


Job seekers with professional affiliations and memberships are often getting more interviews and offers. Why is that so? Because industry expertise shared by employees within those organizations can benefit employers a lot.

Your professional affiliation will guarantee that the company’s brand is also represented within the affiliation. Prestige, representation, and partnership building are essential for commercial growth for many businesses.

Professional Development

Hiring managers today also pay lots of attention to employees’ dedication to professional training and knowledge advancement. Since the market and employment environment are changing rapidly, successful applicants should be committed to continuous learning.

In this situation, professional corporate trainers play an increasingly important role in helping individuals and organisations stay ahead of the curve. In today’s uncertain world, successful applicants must be committed to continuous learning in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. A professional corporate trainer is someone who helps others learn new skills and knowledge so that they can be more successful in their careers. By providing customised training and development programs, professional corporate trainers help their clients reach their full potential.

This can only be proved by courses and certifications taken in addition to a formal degree. Therefore, if you have any, you should discover how to list education on resume. Such small things can fuel your chances of landing an interview. 

Planning and Time Management

If you are not a planner, it’s time you learned how to become one of them. The ability to think strategically and to plan is definitive for career progression. If you are unable to communicate this vision to people, you can hardly lead a team.

Managerial and leadership skills largely rely on planning and time management. They are a new definition of success and constitute a powerful career driver.


If you want to advance along the career ladder and grow, you’ll have to adapt to the conditions we have in the labor market. You should change as fast as it changes to adjust to all new demands. 

Thus, find out what the market needs, identify your strengths, and turn them into your career boosters.

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