9 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Watch

Posted July 22, 2019 by in Fashion
9 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Watch

Sure, you can glance at your laptop, microwave, ask Siri, or simply look at that phone constantly glued to your hand to check the time. But there’s something undeniably classy about donning a vintage timepiece as part of your wardrobe. So why is it that an accessory some might view as superfluous now is still widely considered, well, timeless?

We’ve got the answer. Here are 9 undeniable reasons why when you buy vintage watches and add them to your wardrobe, you’re always on the right end of fashion:

  1. Own Something Truly Unique

One of the great appeals of buying and owning a vintage watch is the opportunity to own something truly unique.

There are dime-a-dozen watches out there at every Target and Macy’s you can find. But when you’re wearing a real vintage watch, you’re not going to be running into another person with the same one on any time soon. It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect timepiece that will suit your style as the list seems to go endlessly. However, seeking reviews and buying guides online will eventually get you guided, such as the one featured on: https://www.spotthewatch.com/bulova-accutron/.

Owning vintage cars or furniture can get extremely pricey. But, if you shop right, you can find vintage watches at extremely reasonable prices. If you love owning something truly unique, a vintage watch may be the best, and most affordable, option.

  1. Wear a Story

Some vintage watches come with their very own signed paperwork, inscriptions, or boxes, as well as a fascinating history. 

You could be wearing a watch whose previous owner lived an interesting or tragic life. Finding out the story and history behind your vintage watch is exciting and provides a great conversation piece if things get dull during a date or job interview.

  1. Long-Lasting Quality

The very fact that a vintage watch is vintage is a testament to the fact that it can last a long time. In the old days, watches were made with much higher quality materials and metals. Most were also made by hand and offer highly accurate movements that watch-makers today struggle to duplicate with cheaper materials.

Many trendy watches today are made by machine in mass (hence the danger of seeing five other people wearing the same watch). This mass production lessens the likelihood that you’re getting a watch that will be sure to stand the test of time. 

Vintage watches? Well, they already have…

  1. Increasing Value

Play your cards right and shop secondhand watches for sale, and you could find a real keeper that will actually appreciate in value the longer you own it.

Sometimes a quality vintage watch is actually a great investment.

Buying brand new, factory-made watches today, your watch loses value the second you put it on the first time. Vintage watches, however, are generally appraised at 90 to 100% their original value. Many continue to grow in worth as the years pass–especially if you take great care of them.

  1. Crazy Old-School Features

If you find a watch from the 50s or 60s, you may notice some crazy features modern watches don’t possess. Timeless pieces like some made by Rolex and other designers back then included what was called a “pulsation dial.”

This little feature helped physicians take an accurate pulse reading before hospitals had all the fancy gear they do now. You may not use this feature every day, (unless you’re a doc), but it’s still cool to have.

You can even find Rolex watches that were specifically made for crazy activities like spelunking, diving, or nuclear research–what?!

  1. Showcase Your Good Taste

Anyone can walk into a designer storefront and pick up the first watch they see in the display case. There’s no searching, no understanding of fashion or real value in this kind of purchase.

When you walk around wearing a vintage watch, not only do you look like you’ve seen a thing or two, but you tell the world you know how to dress.

A vintage watch on your wrist says, “I’ve got good taste and don’t need a salesperson to tell me what’s ‘in.'” To add even more of a sense of style, consider wearing a gold necklace or a metal bracelet as well. You can get some inspiration for this from ItsHot.

  1. They Won’t Go Out of Style

Remember butterfly hairclips, golden “grills,” tie-dye…? So many fashion trends come and go, only to show up in photo albums later and leave us asking ourselves, “why”?

Watches are no different. Watch trends come in and out and can look really ridiculous in a few years, leaving trendy watch-wearers feeling frustrated for dropping major bucks on a now dated-looking accessory.

This may be one of the biggest perks of buying a vintage watch. True fashion is cyclical. What once was considered “classic” is usually still considered “classic.”

Buy a vintage watch or classy pocket watch from Dalvey’s and you’re pretty well assured it’s not going to go out of style in five years. It’s already withstood the test of trends and time.

  1. Save Some Cash

This reason may seem a bit like a paradox, really? An inexpensive vintage watch? It’s true!

There are some serious deals to be found out there. The trick is knowing when to shop sales, and where to look in consignment or other stores to make sure you’re getting true quality for amazing steals.

You can plunk down coin for trendy brands or you can shop smart and take home the real deal.

  1. Pure Enjoyment

This reason must be listed. In today’s modern age of digital time-telling, what other reason is better for owning and wearing any watch, (especially a vintage classic), than simple pleasure?

Owning a beautiful, unique, and timeless wristwatch is an easy way to make getting dressed in the morning something enjoyable.

Vintage watch

Buy vintage watches and you buy a piece of history you can wear. When it comes to choosing the perfect watch for you, consider when you plan on wearing the watch most often.

Dinner dates, work, outdoor adventuring? All these settings and more can be appropriate for the right sort of vintage watch.

It simply comes down to knowing what you plan on using your watch for. Once you find the right fit, that superior accessory is sure to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.