9 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Posted April 24, 2020 by in Decor
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Secret…you don’t need to spend a lot of money to improve your home decor. There are some easy tricks you can use to improve the way your home looks, without putting in loads of time and money while giving the impression that you’ve done exactly that. 

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  1. Refresh your paintwork. A new coat of paint in a room can do a lot to change up the look of your rooms and freshen up your house. Select the right shade to best show off your furnishings and will look good with the light the room gets. A fresh coat of paint is the simplest way to make your home look more expensive. 
  2. Clean your windows. Smeared, grubby windows covered with fingerprints instantly make your home look nobody is looking after it, so try to keep your windows looking clean. Use a window cleaning company to do this for you, so you can enjoy the view into your garden without peering through fingerprints, with no work on your part. 
  3. Fill it fresh flowers. Fresh cut flowers add a major sense of luxury. They look gorgeous and smell pretty, so they’re a perfect way to add a little joy to your home. Fill vases with fresh flowers and put them anywhere else needs a little brightening up. 
  4. Hang your curtains higher. Valuable homes tend to have high ceilings. You can fake this look by hanging your curtains and drapes higher up on the wall. This draws the eye upwards and tricks you into thinking you have a higher ceiling than you actually do. 
  5. Buy picture frames that match. Choose chrome or silver (gold will look cheap if it’s overdone), and use these both for pictures on surfaces and on the walls for a cohesive look that looks you’ve spent a lot of money to get. 
  6. Hang more mirrors. Large mirrors help to open up any room. Mirrors bounce light back into the room, which makes it look lighter and airier. All that light makes the room feel bigger. 
  7. Add luxe textures. This is an easy touch that makes your home feel more expensive. Choose soft fabrics, like velvets or silks, and add touches of texture with rugs, blankets, and cushions. Rich shades are another easy way to add luxury to your home.
  8. Decorate with white. White is one of the most obvious ways to make space feel luxe. Keeping a white room looking good takes real, so it gives the idea of having money to spend on quality pieces that you properly look after. White walls and white furnishings look expensive. White reflects light, so your home will feel lighter, larger, and airier. Show off all that white with a few pops of color from artwork or decor pieces. 
  9. Keep things minimal. Minimalism has long been a trend in interior design, and keeping your house free of clutter is a great way to better show off your best furniture and what excellent taste you have. 

What have you done around your home to make it appear more luxe? Let us know in the comments below!

9 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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