9 Steps to Creating a Stylish Bathroom on a Budget

Posted July 21, 2015 by in Home

Living on a budget is a hard ordeal, and it is particularly challenging when you want your home to be stunning. You want your neighbors to gaze in awe at how fantastic your garden looks and be dazzled when they enter through your new freshly polished vestibule, styled by a top designer.

Unfortunately, you cannot afford this but that does not mean your home can not look as though it has been taken out of a decor magazine. One example of this is your bathroom. We bet you are wondering how you can achieve this with so little money in the bank. Well sit down and read this because, by the time you are finished, you will be amazed just what you can do to your bathroom on a budget:

1. Clean It Up

We hate cleaning the bathroom, and it is probably the worst room in the house to get on your knees and get rid of the dirt. After all, this is the room where we complete our morning ablutions including…well, you know. That is why we put off cleaning our bathroom for as long as possible, and it becomes a nightmare to clean. It is time to fix this.

Nip down to your nearest store and buy some scented cleaning products. You want them to be scented because once you are finished your bathroom is going to smell delightful as well as sparkling.

2. Fix It

Very little repairs that a bathroom needs can not be fixed by the average homeowner. For example, the two most common problems in a bathroom are dried up, dirty caulk and leaky taps. You can solve both these issues easily, and your bathroom will immediately look far better to you and anyone using it. To fix the caulk, get a damp cloth with some adhesive on it and rub it over the old material. Once this has been removed, wait for it to dry out and replace it with some new caulk. It is as simple as that.

Now, the leak is a little trickier, so if you are having issues check online for a step by step guide, but here are the basics. Look underneath your sink and find the U-shaped curve. After turning the water off, unscrew this, being sure to have a bucket underneath to empty the old water out. After doing this, you will either need to replace an old worn away washer or the entire section but again, easy to do. After you have cleaned and made the repairs you’re ready to add a little style and flair.

3. Add Some Furniture

Renovating a bathroom is an expensive process, but you can actually get the same effect by simply buying some new furniture. This will not be as costly as you would first think if you buy it from a company such as Bella Bathrooms. You can even buy it as a set and get more pieces at a bigger discount. If you are wondering what type of furniture you could buy, it could be as simple as a small table for your wash basin. Or, you could buy a cabinet to store all the things you need in a bathroom and will look stylish in the corner. If you have space, you may even want to add a small chair or sofa in the room so you can make it a place to relax in rather than just bathe.

4. Repaint

You probably never considered repainting your bathroom, but we are not entirely sure why. Enough paint for a small room like a bathroom will not cost a lot, and there is a wide variety of colors that would look fantastic, depending on your stylistic choice. If your bathroom furniture is quite bubbly and friendly, with bright colors, you could paint your bathroom walls a sunny yellow to match. If you want your bathroom to look modern and fashionable, try a beautiful crimson red and buy some candles to match. Or, you could choose the cliche and have a modern bathroom that is black and white, perhaps matching the tiles that you already have laid down.

 5. Add Accessories

You would be surprised how much little accessories can add to your bathroom. Remember that all furniture eventually goes out of style, and this includes baths and sinks. It is quite expensive to replace a bath or sink, but you can update it without buying a completely new model. If you buy new faucets, we promise your bath will still look completely different to what you were used to and perhaps bored of.

Other accessories you can add to the bathroom are candles. You may be unhappy with the lighting in your bathroom, and new light fixtures are expensive to buy and install. But, if you love to bathe in the evenings adding some stylish candles may give you the type of relaxing, mood lighting you always wanted without actually taking on a big cost.

6. Some Wonderful Scents

It is not all about how something looks but rather how a place affects your other senses such as smell. You want your bathroom to smell gorgeous and while buying scented cleaning products is a brilliant first step, there is more you can do. For instance, potpourri not only looks great it smells great too, and it will certainly give your bathroom its own unique scent and style. You may also want to consider buying some incense sticks. Again, these smell terrific but when they are little, they will also make your bathroom seem sensual and look classy.

7. Bathing Experience

If you want to add some style to your bathroom, you may not be looking to improve a room, but create an experience. Combining the ideas we have already talked about will achieve this because you will create a place that looks gorgeous and makes you feel relaxed. You may also want to consider buying some other aromas for the room and things to add to your bath. As we have said, it is not just about how the room looks. It is about how people feel when they use it.

8. Look Your Best

Adding a mirror to the wall or replacing an old one has two effects. First, it allows you to get a better look at yourself when you are getting ready in the morning. You will love being able to see yourself in the bathroom and if style matters, we suggest having a mirror that can tilt up or down. That way you can see yourself from different angles. Second, a mirror makes a room look and feel bigger than it is in an effect that alters perception. If you have space on the wall, a full-length mirror is ideal for creating this effect in a bathroom that might be smaller than you would like.

9. Walls and Floors

Finally, if you want to give your bathroom some character as well as style, add some ornaments to the wall. This can help make a bare wall look more interesting and make your bathroom colorful as well as friendly. A bare floor can be spruced up with a lovely, soft rug, and if your bathroom is lacking in color, we suggest selecting one with a bright color like sky blue.

We hope you find these tips helpful and you use them to improve your bathroom’s style for a fraction of the cost.

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