6 Things We’re Coveting from New Look

Posted July 11, 2013 by in Shopping

I love shopping online! No long lines, no heavy bags and no rude cashiers. My favorite things to purchase? Bags, jewelry and shoes! I don’t have to worry about them not fitting correctly. I also have way more self control.

When I go shopping and actually see the items in front of me I tend to get overwhelmed and spend more than I have. When I shop online…I’m able to curate a digital shopping cart that makes not only myself happy, but my wallet happy as well.

Since I have more self control with my finances this way, I’m always searching for new places to shop online — I have a fancy list that I’m pretty proud of and New Look has just been added! Below are 6 things I’d love to add to my wardrobe:

1. This Shopper Bag

The neon green, brown and tan go together so effortlessly!



2. This Satchel

How snazzy is this? I love the cream and lace! It’s classy and it would go with just about everything.



3. These Cut-Out Boots

Cut-out boots are super trendy right now! I like wearing them with girly sundresses, it adds a fun edge to an outfit that’s usually looked at as cute.



4. This Edgy Dress

How cute are the leather sleeves?! The best part…you can get the same dress from their maternity section. Yup, their maternity wear is edgy too! They also have a great collection of lace dresses that are very summer friendly.



5. This Floral Skirt

Paired with a simple white cami and those cut-out boots? I think yes!



6. This Backpack

Okay…maybe not for me. But I think my boyfriend would look pretty rad with this backpack. What do you think?



What are you coveting from this edgy British retailer? Let us know in the comments below!