9 Tips To Spruce up a Small Backyard

Posted December 5, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Do you feel that you have a small backyard but still want to spruce it up? Well, the truth is that size doesn’t matter that much! Yes, you can make the most out of your small backyard. You can make it more visually appealing. Here are some hacks to spruce up your backyard.

Declutter Your Backyard

Clutter has a way of swallowing small spaces, making them look even smaller. Take time to declutter your small yard, and you will notice an immediate change. Your backyard will start to look better and more spacious.

Add Some Flowery Plants

Choose flowers in the color of your choice that will bloom all year long to make your backyard look more appealing. You could also opt for plants with huge leaves, such as the alocasias, that will make your yard look bigger than it is. Plants with small leaves are better suited for the perimeter wall of your backyard.

Split Your Backyard

Using small walls, hedges, or planters to divide your small backyard creates depth and creates an element of surprise. You could also use artificial grass or pavements to define each section clearly. When paving your backyard, it would be best to use diagonal lines instead of one straight pavement to make your yard look bigger and better. However, if you’re opting for artificial grass, there are several expert artificial grass fitters in Kent that you can contact for assistance if you’re from the UK.

Add Some Minimalist Structures

Structures such as a pergola or an arbor create shade, support hanging gardens, and make a small backyard look grand. Remember that the structure you choose has to be higher than the door leading to the backyard.

Play with Color

Experiment with warm colors like red and orange to draw more focus to either the entry or the perimeter of your backyard. On the other hand, you could try bright hues such as pink and blue, which blend well with the flowers and greenery.

Add a Fancy Fire Pit

Imagine hanging out with your friends on a chilly evening as you enjoy the hot embers of the fire. You can go for realstone granite fire pits if you want to build your fancy fire pit to add to your small backyard. This will genuinely transform your dull backyard spaces into hot backyard getaways that you will enjoy staying with friends. You could also look into alcohol fire pits.

Add Some Fancy Outdoor Furniture

Bring in outdoor furniture that blends well with the environment and is comfortable enough to allow you to unwind after a long day. It would be ideal if the table were multipurpose to cater to all your needs.

Get Creative with a Landscape Design

If your house has a modern finish, ensure that the landscape design you choose for your small backyard is also stylish. You would not want to feel like you are in a different house once you step into your backyard to relax.

Create a Home Garden

Instead of letting that small piece of real estate go to waste, clear out a small section of your backyard and convert it into a home garden. Not only will you be consuming healthy foods free of chemicals, but you will also make your small backyard look more organized.  You can also opt for a vertical garden design. Use vertical space on your walls and wooden beams to plant climbing plants. Ensure you fasten the stems using tension wires for a firm hold.

Having a small space should not deter you from making simple changes to improve the appearance of your backyard.