9 Unique College Graduation Gifts For Him

Posted May 2, 2022 by in Lifestyle/ Shopping

Did a special man in your life graduate from college? Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, son, brother, or best friend, he deserves a gift to celebrate the occasion! But what are the best college graduation gifts for him? 

There’s no need to panic. We’ve got a list of 9 amazing choices right here. Read our guide below to get the absolute best gifts today:

graduation gifts for him

  1. Wireless Charging Pad

Cables are relics of the past. Almost every kind of gadget today already moved on from using cables and wires. Video game controllers, TVs, and headphones all use wireless technology.

Upgrade your special man’s accomplishment by giving him a wireless charging pad

These devices make it quicker and easier to charge — simply put the phone on top and it’ll start charging. They’re also safer since there’s no chance of overheating the charging port. With less stress on the charging port, it’s also less likely for someone to break their phone.

  1. Smart Coffee Maker

Whether it’s your son, boyfriend, or best friend, you need to give him a graduation gift that not only celebrates his achievement but also keeps him motivated for the next stage in life. That next stage is perhaps the most challenging and when the going gets tough, coffee is a great reprieve. 

Smart coffee makers are far better than traditional ones. He can program exactly how he likes his coffee brewed and automate the device with a few taps on his smartphone. With the right coffee maker, he could even program a fixed schedule so that it’ll automatically brew coffee in the morning or when he gets back from his first post-graduation job.

Stylish man drinking coffee

  1. E-Ink Reader

Following graduation, it’s likely the man in your life will need to start hunting for work or a post-graduate degree. Regardless of the direction he takes, he’ll need some form of entertainment. The first option listed here is the good old e-ink reader, such as the Amazon Kindle.

Kindles, in particular, rock because of their ingenious design.

The e-ink and paper are digital but they consume much less energy than a traditional display. This enables a user to keep a device like the Kindle running for over 28 hours. eBooks are also quite small in terms of file size, meaning the most basic Kindle can still hold thousands of books.

  1. Nintendo Switch

Video games make for some of the best college graduation gifts for him. Gaming isn’t only for kids, after all. Out of all the gaming options out there right now, the Nintendo Switch is the current kind of the hill.

It’s not as powerful as the PS4 or the Xbox One but it’s still a powerful console. It also allows for your special man to play it docked to the TV and as a handheld device. 

The Switch also has an incredible library of games. First party choices like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey can easily eat up hundreds of hours. Add in third-party masterpieces like The Witcher 3 and Dragon Quest XI and it becomes difficult to put the system down! He may even need the help of essay writers due to the distraction.

Nintendo Switch

  1. Beer Package

While many of the gifts on this list prioritize efficiency and sophistication, it’s sometimes worthwhile giving gifts that highlight relaxation and celebration. With that in mind, you should consider getting a few beer gifts. Yes, the drinks won’t last long but the memories shared can last a lifetime.

Giving beer packages can provide enough drinks for a small graduation party with friends. Look for packs that offer all sorts of flavors and liquor content for extra variety. 

Speaking of variety, curated gift baskets for men are handcrafted with different tastes in mind. You can simply choose a set with all his favorite drinks, plus some gourmet snacks and unwinding goodies.

beer bottles

  1. Echo Dot

Some of the devices on this list are smart devices, meaning they connect to a central hub like a smartphone over WiFi. Using your phone is the most traditional method of accessing and managing these devices but you can also use an Amazon Echo Dot, which comes with the AI voice assistant, Alexa.

Give one of these to him and watch him run Google searches with nothing but a quick voice query. He can also command connected devices, like the smart coffee maker, by issuing commands to Alexa. 

  1. Luxury Watch

Looking for a traditional gift to give him? You can’t go wrong with a luxury watchThey’re expensive but for many good reasons. First off, simply wearing them can give him a better sense of confidence. That confidence will shine and it may even help him win points during a job interview. 

Luxury watches are also an investment. If the day ever comes that he needs extra cash, he can pawn the watch for a few days. 

Daniel Wellington Watch

  1. Blu-Ray Movie Set

Deep inside, most men are geeks. Yes, this even includes guys who love to watch sports all day. After all, even sports enthusiasts spend hours poring over the littlest details about their favorite game, similar to how “traditional” geeks love to do the same for movies, shows, and video games. 

Find out which movie series or TV series he loves and hunt down the best Blu-Ray collection available. If there isn’t a Blu-Ray release yet, look for a DVD collection. At the very least, look for a digital release and get it under his account so he’ll always have access to the videos. 

  1. Grooming Kit

Graduating from college is only the beginning. Help him speed ahead with the right foot forward. As mentioned, a luxury watch is a good start but you can also give him a grooming kit.

Most grooming kits come with a shaver and the accessories needed to maintain one. You may also find grooming kits with combs, lapel pins, or necktie pins. 

Whichever kit you get, you can guarantee he’ll appreciate the gift. Looking clean and well-groomed is essential to passing an interview and landing a job, after all.

These are some of the best college graduation gifts for him. Don’t hesitate to get him or more to celebrate his accomplishments. Some of these gifts can help him relax and others can help him with his future endeavors. 

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