A Bathroom Makeover You Can Do in a Weekend

Posted March 19, 2021 by in Home

A lot of us are unhappy about the style of our bathroom. Perhaps it’s out of date, or just doesn’t suit your current style. But bathroom renovations are expensive, and for many people, replacing the whole thing just isn’t an option.

Luckily, there are ways you can makeover your bathroom with just a few short DIY jobs, so here are some projects to consider when you’ve got a free weekend and want to tackle this room:

Replace Hardware

One of the first things that can start to look grubby in your bathroom is the hardware. You can of course try to give it a polish, but eventually, it’ll be beyond cleaning and need replacing. It’s worth looking for new bathroom hardware from Arova Kitchens & Bathrooms Melbourne and then spending some time switching it over. Bathroom hardware can include things like taps, handles and showerheads, all of which are fairly easy to repair like-for-like.

The great thing about replacing your hardware is that your entire bathroom looks a lot newer and shinier. Chrome fixtures are perfect for creating a modern bathroom, and you can replace things like taps which often look dated after a few years, picking a style you’ve always wanted. 

Give It a Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is an excellent way to makeover a bathroom, and while it can take a little effort, even dated bathrooms can look a lot better with some elbow grease. 

A deep clean usually involves:

  • Cleaning all the grouting
  • Removing limescale from taps
  • Clearing blocked drains
  • Decluttering and removing any unnecessary stuff
  • Cleaning accessories like toothbrush holders

It’s worth putting together a range of bathroom cleaners, from limescale removers to glass cleaners, and then simply giving the place a good scrub.

Once you declutter, you may notice the bathroom looks much more pleasant too. It’s easy for bathrooms to get cluttered with old beauty products and other junk, and even a modern bathroom will look dreadful if it’s full of rubbish. A good clear-out may be all that’s needed.

Create Areas for Different Tasks

If you have a large bathroom, you may want to get it organised into zones, which will help you keep the bathroom a lot cleaner. For example, around the sink, you should make sure you have soap and towels nearby for washing your hands properly, and a make-up area can keep the dust and grime from make-up application in one place. You should also make sure you have a bin and recycling bin, so that people aren’t just piling rubbish up in the corner, and your bathroom can stay clean and organised.

Bathrooms should be a quiet sanctuary away from the hassles of everyday life. That’s why it’s worth investing some time in making your bathroom a special space for you. While you may not be able to afford a full bathroom renovation, there are ways to bring the space up to date, and to make it a more pleasant place to relax and get ready for the day ahead in peace and quiet.