A Career in Care: Your Complete Guide

Posted February 17, 2020 by in Career
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For those with a sunny disposition and a tendency to care about the people that they meet, a career working in the care industry can seem a perfect fit. By utilizing the skills you’re most proud of – in helping people, making people comfortable, and ensuring that those around you are happy and fulfilled – you can build yourself a career working alongside young people, the elderly, or the disabled.

All you’ll need is to make some positive career choices from an early age in order to slip seamlessly into your perfect job in the care industry:

graduation from nursing school

Get References

Care workers require excellent references – of their timeliness, professionalism, trustworthiness, and humility – if they’re to achieve the best jobs in their industry. These references need to come from people that can be trusted to give an objective evaluation of your skillsets – and therefore, you may wish to consider who you can ask to be references in the future. Might you ask your teacher, a professor, a co-worker, or a manager?

These key references will open doors to your future role, and will enable you to prove beyond doubt that you’re a great fit for a career in care. 

Get Qualified

Now, not all care jobs require glittering CVs and extensive experience in education. Many simply require you to have the right mindset, possessing of the right qualities to be in care, and you’ll find yourself offered a job. But for other roles – especially those that require some form of medical care – you’re going to need medical training and certification.

Get your HBU MSN degree online from an accredited college, and you’ll be well on your way to being either a full-time nurse, or a care nurse with the skills required to help patients in need of urgent medical care across your locality.

Find Experience

You will benefit from experience if you’re to make a career move into the care industry. Of course, your experience will largely come from your first full-time care position, but before you manage to secure that role, there are several hoops through which you need to jump regarding your experience working with people.

Even a simple hospitality job, or a job in retail, can show that you’re professional, employable, and trustworthy – and that you’re able to work with people well. In these roles, you’ll also meet managers who are able to offer you the references mentioned above.

Use Your Core Skills

It’s important for those looking to work in care to be cognizant of their finest skillsets. Are you a people-person, or are you incredibly nurturing and caring? Are you able to perform first aid, or have you got experience caring for an elderly relative? It’s these core skills that employers in the care industry are particularly interested in seeing you possess when they’re reading your CV. They want to see that you have skills to apply to the job, hitting the ground running when they employ you. As such, put your core skills front and center in any future pitch to work in care. 

There you have it: some key tips that’ll help you build a career in care that’ll last the duration of your happy and satisfied working life.