A Cloud Beneath Your Feet—Make Your House Feel Homier With These Tips

Posted January 5, 2021 by in Home

“Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams”

This is one of the most popular quotes about homes that is still valid. Our house is where we spend a lot of time, invite our friends, where we always want to return and relax with our loved ones or alone after a long, stressful day at work or school. 

Making your house feel homier is the best gift you can give yourself. It’s important to make your own space feel relaxing and welcoming so that you, other members of your household or anyone visiting can feel comfortable and at ease, too.

The good news is that making your home an enjoyable and memorable place is not impossible to achieve. On the contrary – you only need to follow some rules, some of which are listed below, and you will be able to transform your home into a beautiful world.

Choose the Right Flooring

Installing the right type of flooring will make your house both esthetically pleasing and practical. For example, hardwood certainly looks beautiful and will impress anyone visiting you, but you also need to think about what each room will be used for. It may be a good choice for a bedroom or living room (if you don’t have a messy hobby or a lot of pets), but for other places, especially when moisture is involved, you need to consider other options.

Luckily, even hardwood has a more durable alternative, which is vinyl plank flooring – it will not only last longer but also go easier on your wallet.

Consider Something Organic

Complementing your space with plants and organic materials will help you feel calmer and more at peace. Even in the middle of a huge city, or especially there, you need some contact with nature. 

Make sure to choose materials that actually resonate with you – some people will be the happiest with a little jungle in their living room while others may prefer natural rock walls – whatever works for you. It should go well with the rest of your design. It’s not only about adding some plants or choosing wooden flooring – think about decorations and small details, such as wood accents in a bathroom (unexpected) or woven items here and there.

Place Wall Art at Eye Level

This is another beautiful idea to make your home more colorful and cozy. Your visitors shouldn’t be forced to strain their necks to admire the beauty of the artwork in your home. You have probably placed those art prints on your walls for people to see and appreciate them. Therefore, they should be at eye level – it will also work better with the rest of the design and make the whole room feel more welcoming.

Wall art can include fiber art, prints, textile wall hangings, posters, beautiful quilts, wall panels, your own personal photographs, decals, mirrors, etc. 

Create a Warmer Room with Lighting

Of course, creating a cozy atmosphere cannot be achieved without good lighting. To make your room feel warm, comfortable, and relaxing, you need to consider the right types of lighting for each room.

For relaxation, consider replacing your blue bulbs with yellow lights – warmer light provides peace and helps you get out of that state of alert you’re in when you work or deal with other responsibilities; it should be chosen for bedrooms or a part of the living room. On the other hand, task lighting should be cooler and brighter so that you can stay focused and work with precision when required, so it’s the perfect choice for the kitchen or the office.

In a place with numerous purposes, e.g., the living room, you may consider color-changing lights or dimmers to put your in control of the ambiance. 

Use Rugs and Curtains to Warm up Your Space

Having rugs in some strategic places in your home, such as close to your bed or in front of your favorite reading chair, will add to the more welcoming look of the whole design – and it feels good. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge, impressive rug – a small one can do the trick just fine in many cases.

It’s the same with curtains – don’t be afraid to experiment but be sure not to overdo. Plus, don’t forget about less obvious places – a small rug in the bathroom will make it safer and more pleasant to step out of the shower, while a nice curtain will add more privacy and a cozy feeling to the whole decor.

Don’t Forget the Scent

Making your house feel homier is not all about the esthetics. The smell is another important factor that influences the general impression your house makes. If your home looks fantastic, but the smell is terrible, nobody will feel good inside. 

There are different fragrances and scents you can use to freshen your whole home, but consider your own preferences in the first place, as you will be the one spending most time there. 

You can opt for scented candles, incense, wax melts, air fresheners, and such. 

Now you have at least some idea about how to make your home feel, well, homier. Now is the time to put your knowledge and ideas into practice. A lot depends on what you like and what you want to achieve, but be sure to bear the hints we have provided in this article in mind, and you will quickly change your surroundings completely.

But remember – while it is essential to consider other people, especially if you have guests often, the most important is to know your own needs and preferences. After all, you are the one who lives there. One’s home is a place to unwind and get your mind off worries, so make sure you have the right space for that.

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