A Complete Lock Maintenance Guide For Your Home

Posted December 8, 2021 by in Decor

If your door lock is malfunctioning, it is much better to first maintain it on your own before rushing out to replace it. Maybe it needs a little cleaning or maintenance to start functioning. If the problem persists, it is better to pull out the lock apart and clean it thoroughly. 

Experts advise that it is better to maintain the lock once a year to increase its life and increase its efficiency.

Here’s a brief guide to maintaining the condition of your home lock. You can utilize the best one according to your home lock issues and solve them by yourself.

Side view of man opening door.

  1. Clean The Lock First

It might be possible that dirt and dust in the lock is the hurdle for the lock pins to open or close the lock. If the dust is a stock in the mechanism of the lock, then it may jam the system and prevent it from functioning. First of all, use a cloth or toothbrush to brush out any loose particles off dost that might be present in the lock. It is better not to use the straw directly to unlock. It is because the moisture can cause rust in the interior side of the lock. It makes it more complicated to function. It may cause more problems rather than maintaining the condition of the lock.

  1. Lubricate The Lock Properly From Time To Time

The dirt and dust can accumulate into the lock. So it is an efficient approach to lubricate the lock properly. Use Silicon-based lubricant or graphite-based lubricant instead of Petroleum-based one. It is because it will cause the dirt to get more stick rather than cleaning. It is advised to use the lubricator on the key rather than apply it to the lock directly. Moreover, use a small amount of lubricant-just enough that it smooths the functioning of the lock. 

You can also use the graphite pencil over the edges of the key to insert it into the keyhole properly. 

In the end, make sure that you properly wipe out any excess lubricant from the key and the lock.

  1. Hang The Door Properly

Make sure that the door of your house is fixed properly. Otherwise, you have to apply a lot of pressure to the lock to make it function. If you feel that the door is sagging, try to install it once again.  

  1. Contact The Locksmith For Professional Help:

If you are facing issues in maintaining the lock of your home by yourself, it is better to call the locksmith to seek professional help. They will efficiently sort out the problems and repair them properly. So in case, you have any damaged locks in your home, you can contact the locksmiths anytime.

  1. Make Copies Of The Original Door Keys Of Your Home

A door lock is a thing that is used daily. Therefore there are chances that the keys of the door start getting damaged any sooner or later. It is a better idea to make copies of the original one. So in case you lose the key or it is not working, you will have an extra key.

It is necessary to get functional and robust locks and keys to keep the home safe. It is more important to keep them maintained by using all of the tips and tricks. If you think a professional can maintain or repair your lock more efficiently, you should contact the locksmiths to get the job done.