A Comprehensive Guide to Three Stone Engagement Rings

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three stone engagement ring displayed for engagement photos

Rings with three diamonds placed horizontally in a row are known as three stone diamond rings, trinity rings, or trilogy rings. There are various different designs of three stone diamond rings to pick from, and they are popular as both engagement rings and anniversary bands.

Three Stone Engagement Rings Overview

Three diamond stones are set on a single ring in three stone engagement rings. These three stones are also the result of a larger center diamond surrounded by two smaller diamonds on the flanks. The stones could be of the same size dimensions but the center stone is usually the largest of them all. 

It’s worth noting that all three stones have the same mounting. Plus, they may vary in size and diamond cut. You also have choices when it comes to the ring’s band. The choices are:

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum

Diamonds are typically what’s used for three-stone engagement rings. However, there are variants that come with colored gemstones on their bands. Depending on the designer, these colorful gemstones could be sapphires or rubies. This is the design for couples who want an engagement ring that can include a personal message.

A three-stone style can also be combined with a different type of setting. You might wish to try the pavé design or the channel setting. Overall, three stone rings are a popular choice for engagements due to their unlimited possibilities.

The price relies on the center stone’s carat weight and quality, as well as the side stones. When making a ring on a budget, three-stone engagement rings are an excellent option because the center stone may be kept smaller and embellished with other stones.

Wedding photo showing close-up of bride's purple bouquet and three stone engagement ring

History of the Three Stone Engagement Rings

Previously, numerous jewelers combined a mixture of different diamonds to produce one ring. Even still, when all of the designs are considered, the three-stone ring remains the most basic. This ring style is the only one that has received all of the acceptability and recognition that the others have not. 

De Beers, the world’s largest diamond market controller, not only established the three-stone diamond ring concept and design but also invented the marketing genius behind it. The three-stone diamond ring, like most of the things they’ve launched to the market over the years, has its own tale and meaning that contributed to the design’s extraordinary popularity. 

The three-stone diamond ring, also known as a trilogy or trinity diamond ring, was promoted by De Beers as their “Past, Present, and Future Ring.” They managed to make a relatively regular diamond ring design into the ultimate emotive expression of devotion signifying the time a couple spends together throughout their lives in yet another stroke of marketing genius.

De Beers touted the three-stone diamond ring as an appropriate engagement ring to include unmarried couples in their marketing plan. Why present a single diamond to your bride when you can give her three? The three-stone diamond ring became one of the most coveted engagement diamonds once again, thanks to the wonders generated by the De Beers marketing team.

Furthermore, the three-stone engagement ring arrangement has been around since the seventeenth century. This ring style has remained that one ring setting with a story to tell ever since. 

What Does A Three-Stone Ring Signify?

Three-stone engagement rings have the ability to tell a couple’s story without saying anything. The three stones symbolize a tale about love, dedication, and time that has passed with each other. 

The first diamond depicts a couple’s history, including how and when they met and shared memories. The center diamond represents the couple’s present together, while the third diamond represents their future together and future milestones. They are a sentimental and special choice that represents: 

  • Your journey as a couple in the past, the present, and the future together. The largest of all the stones, the center stone, portrays the present. The smaller side stones represent the past and future.
  • A family of three 
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Loyalty, love, and friendship which is the sentiment of the Irish Claddagh ring 
  • Thirty years as a couple
  • Something special that represents your bond as a couple

Elements To Consider Before Selecting Your Perfect Three Stone Rings

Three-stone diamonds are a fantastic method to convey the wearer’s distinct individuality through the shape, design, size, and setting.

  1. Shape: It is customary for all three diamonds to have the same form in order to maintain their continuity. Emerald, round, and square, are popular shapes because they go well together. For instance, Meghan Markle’s ring’s cushion-shaped center diamond has for sure sparked a trend for bands with this remarkable shape.
  1. Size: The conventional graduated three-stone ring has a bigger center diamond whose carat weight is equal to the total carat weight of the two diamonds on either side. 

If you want a more modern and unusual ring, consider a three-stone ring, in which the three diamonds are of the same size and carat weight and are placed in a line or in a less formal cluster configuration.

  1. Setting: To accentuate their relationship, all three diamonds should be positioned in the same sort of setting, whether prong or bezel.
  1. Metal: Three typical metals for diamond rings are gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Because the three diamonds make up such a large part of any trilogy ring, avoid mixing metal colors that would detract from the beauty of the diamonds.
  1. Details: Because these rings already have three stunning diamonds, picking a ring with additional decorations should be done with careful consideration. Make sure you choose elements that complement your ring. A halo of smaller diamonds or a line of pavé diamonds along the length of the shank is also a fantastic option.

Styling it is easy because trilogy rings have a somewhat curved form, they look great with wedding bands. They’re also a perfect foundation for a stacked appearance that might incorporate other rings like an eternity band, plain band, or a stylish solitaire. 

When wearing your trilogy ring with other rings, make sure the diamonds don’t reach too far over the band’s edges to avoid scratching them.

Types of the Three-Stone Engagement Ring

  1. Oval Engagement Rings: Oval-shaped diamonds are not as old as the princess cut and cushion-shaped diamonds, but they are still relatively new. The form was created as a fresh variation of the round brilliant cut in the 1960s and is particularly flattering on practically all finger shapes so if you like the fire and sparkle of a round diamond but want something different, an oval-cut diamond engagement ring is for you.
  1. Halo Three Stone Engagement Rings: This diamond setting style of diamond setting features a focal stone surrounded by other jewels. A single or double halo can be used. Furthermore, a halo setting can be applied to any diamond shape.
  1. Round Cut Three Stone Rings: The round-cut engagement ring is among the most traditional diamond engagement ring designs. Many people consider it to be the most dazzling and spectacular since the facets have been perfectly crafted to maximize light return. A round-cut diamond engagement ring is also generally flattering for all finger shapes and looks good in almost any setting.
  1. Three Stone Engagement Rings With Colored Gemstones: You have the option of designing three stone engagement rings with any precious stone. Many couples choose jewels and gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, or sapphires that have a special meaning that only they share. Birthstones or even a colored gemstone that has special significance can be incorporated
  1. Marquise: Even though the marquise diamond isn’t as popular as other diamond shapes, it’s the ideal stone for couples searching for something special to commemorate their love and commitment.
Bride displaying her oval 3-stone engagement ring over her bridal bouquet

The three-stone engagement ring has warmed the hearts of couples for generations and this has recently become the fashionable pick for most couples. All you need is a sophisticated selection and you’ll have an engagement ring that boasts timelessness and elegance.

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