A Day in the Life: Enterprise Architect Job Description

Posted August 11, 2019 by in Career
enterprise architect job description

We know that the technology industry offers some of the best job opportunities. Employment for information technology professionals, for example, will increase by 12% through 2026. If you’re already in IT and want to further your career, consider the role of an enterprise architect. 

Enterprise architects have strong IT experience, serve as senior leaders, and they can make a great salary. Is this a role you may want to work toward? Read on to learn more about the enterprise architect job description.

Who Can Become an Enterprise Architect?

Enterprise architects often get their start as system administrators, programmers, or network managers. They may have studied computer science or information technology. Most people in this role have at least a decade of experience in the IT space, if not more. 

Many enterprise architects also hold specialized certifications. Common ones include the Six Sigma Green Belt, ITIL Master, and the CISSP. When getting your certification, consider what is required by the company you want to work at.

What Specific Skills Must Enterprise Architects Have?

Technical skills are important, but enterprise architects must have other strong skills, too. Communication skills and problem-solving skills are vital. An enterprise architect must also be business savvy and able to see the bigger picture. 

Why such a unique skill set? An enterprise architect advises on their business’s technology decisions. Their job is to ensure that the technology architecture can fully support the business strategy.

What Is the Enterprise Architect Job Description?

Roles vary among different companies, but all enterprise architects share common responsibilities. They often lead the development and IT teams. They work to identify problems or gaps in software, hardware, and security. 

An enterprise architect leads the implementation of new technology. They manage all aspects of IT strategy. Their overarching goal is to manage the health of the entire IT infrastructure.

What Is It Like to be an Enterprise Architect?

Enterprise Architects often manage people, projects, and technology. They are often one of the most senior people responsible for a company’s technology strategy and the success of that strategy. This can be a high impact and a high-pressure role. 

Though it’s a demanding job, it can also be very rewarding. As an enterprise architect, you’ll likely work alongside the most senior staff, including the C-suite. When you succeed at your job, you’ll receive high praise and recognition.

How to Succeed in Your Career as an Enterprise Architect or Any Other Role

It’s clear that the enterprise architect job description is a unique one. The job comes with many responsibilities and a lot of visibility within a company. Some people thrive in a role like this, while others may not feel as comfortable. 

Whether you’re on the path to a high-level technology role or not, you may be looking for guidance in your job path. Luckily, you’re in a good place to find plenty of valuable career advice. Browse our blog for tips on starting out in IT, working from home, and more.