A Few Items to Consider Customizing at a Screen Printing Shop

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Whether you’re customizing a t-shirt, beanie, socks, or hoodie, doing so is a great way to build your organization’s brand or send a message. Before you decide what to customize, you need to figure out the design or exactly what you want to say. 

Remember, when ordering apparel, it’s not a simple thing. You still have to make sure you order the right sizes so people are outfitted properly. 

Also, before you make a screen printing order and decide on what you want to have printed, you need to know how the process works and its numerous benefits.

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A Better, More Cost-Effective Way to Build Your Brand and Gain Customer Loyalty

When messages or designs are printed on apparel or other items, such as mugs, tumblers, masks, or drawstring bags, you’re actually reaching more of your niche customers, versus advertising in conventional ways, such as on billboards, on the radio or in publications.

For example, if you run a retail establishment or restaurant and your employees wear t-shirts with your company logo and/or a related message, it confers the idea of friendliness and trust. 

Therefore, wearing customized items, such as t-shirts, builds customer loyalty – old customers patronize your business and new customers start to feel a special attachment.

Customers and employees can both carry or wear customized items. This allows you to extend your marketing past your business locale. That’s why screen printing is one of the most cost-effective ways to send a message today.You can begin the process by reviewing the services offered by a screen printer such as Mato & Hash.

Whether you want to build your brand, send a message about a cause, create a customized message from your church, you’re “covered” – literally, especially if the message is worn or featured on a hoodie or t-shirt.

Screen Printing – How It Works

Screen Printing, also called silk screening, is a printing technology that prints graphics on apparel or other items. This type of printing may be used for customizing items or printers may use direct-to-graphic (DTG) printing to provide a higher resolution and more colors.

DTG printing is better for small orders, or orders with no minimum, while screen prints are used for large volume orders that have a limited color scheme. Set-up time is reduced for DTG prints so the cost is generally less expensive

The traditional process of screen printing involves using a screen, typically made of polyester. Screens in the old days of screen printing were made of silk – hence, the name silk screening. 

The printer places the design’s negative on the screen which, in turn, he or she prints on the item. After he or she sets the design, they roll ink across the screen. The ink slips through the design area and, Voila! – you have a printed design.

The press looks Medieval, as there are several metal components that are used to create the imprint. When t-shirts are printed, the printer places the item on a board and lines it up shoe or she can correctly place the design.

The printer then lowers the screen on the press, pouring a custom “brew’ of ink on top before using a squeegee to sop up the concoction from the screen. The t-shirt “gulps up” the ink before the design emerges, like magic. To ensure against bleeding, t-shirts and apparel run through a conveyor belt dryer. You can tell an item is self-screened because the printing is raised after it has dried. 

Customized Screen Printed Items

T-Shirts with Messages and Logos

People use t-shirts mainly as “uniforms” at work. If you own a pub, for instance, your place will naturally feel more amiable if the staff are wearing t-shirts with your logo and brand. You can also offer t-shirts for sale to customers to spread the word about your business.

Maybe you want to add a memorable or funny message about your product or what’s on the menu. In this case, you might produce a t-shirt that says the following:

  • “Ask Me about Our Monday Special!”
  • “We May Not Serve Novelle Cuisine, But You Won’t Leave Here Hungry!”

Whatever you choose to say or whatever design you choose, you’ll send the printer a file online so they can review it. They’ll send you a mock-up of the design before they prep it to print.

Hoodies that Display Your Brand’s Logo

You might also print hoodies that represent your business – items that you can sell your customer or have your staff wear. For instance, maybe you own a construction company. Outfit your employees with hoodies – jackets they can wear at construction sites or when they’re bidding on projects. 

That message can go a lot of places – to client workplaces, to events the employee attends, and to the places where they dine at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make sure you include your contact details in case someone sees the apparel and wants to contact you.

Beanies with a Message

People love beanies, especially when they don’t want their ears to freeze. You can also include your company logo on this type of apparel. For instance, you might send a message about your retail store – Swag Style – [Name of your Retail Business]. 

Here’s another message to promote a pizzeria – “Say Cheese” – [ Name of Establishment]

Customized Keychains for Customers

You can extend your reach and message as well by imprinting your business’s contact details on a keychain. Hand out the keychain to your customers so they always have your contact details handy. This works out exceptionally well for people who are not in the habit of forgetting their keys. Plumbers, electricians, builders, doctors, lawyers, and accountants–just about any business–will profit when using this promotional method.

Masks with Your Company’s Brand

You can also offer masks with your company’s brand. Match them with wearing apparel, such as t-shirts and hoodies. Keep the theme consistent on both the mask and apparel, as it helps people remember you and sends a stronger message.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to make your mark in the world of commerce? Maybe you own a non-profit and would like to promote your cause. In either case, you can make things happen by ordering printed items online. Who knows how far you can take your message? Review your options today and start sending out your message tomorrow.

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