A Great Way to Plan Your Graduation Party

Posted April 25, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Is your child graduating college or high school this year? This sense of accomplishment can be thrilling for them, and they are sure to be eager for the next chapter of their lives. Your excitement over their achievement may be overwhelming. Maybe you’re just glad not to have to remind them to wake up and do their homework anymore. After all, they’re grown up and will move out soon. Graduation is an event worth celebrating for both.

Graduation parties seem daunting to plan. You need to select a theme, choose the cake and snacks, get the graduation yard signs personalized, and more. However, the tips given below will help you in a smooth planning process and an amazing graduation party.

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Tips for planning a perfect graduation party

  • Determine your budget

Make a rough estimate of how many people you’ll invite. Set a budget for food and drinks per person as well as entertainment, decorations, and venue rental. You can easily estimate your party costs using an online budget calculator.

You might consider co-hosting a party with at least two other families who attended a similar school or have similar situations. It might make sense to converge parties for other families with overlapping guest lists from a similar school. While it may be challenging to coordinate, it could make a big difference in having a great party.

  • Send invitations early

Most high schools work with a company to provide a graduation announcement and invitation. These are generic and generally include the school’s colors, mascot, and other information about the class. Also, you can find many online companies that create custom invitations explicitly tailored to the graduate’s requirements.

Printing these ideas on your paper of choice can be done at a local printer. The printing process should take approximately two weeks, but double-check the deadline with them. Take advantage of this time to gather the necessary addresses. Call or email everyone to ensure that all addresses are current.

Whatever method is used to announce the graduation, be sure to send it 4–5 weeks before the event. In this way, out-of-town guests have time to plan their travels. Consider including a map indicating the party’s location or the graduate’s home with the invitation.

  • Decoration and food

The decoration is one of the most important elements of a party, so make sure it is up to the mark and represents the graduation theme. You can even have graduation yard signs personalized to enhance the aesthetics of your party.

Prepare your menu early with the caterer, which should fit the party theme and feature your graduate’s favorite foods. If you want to cook the party food at home, make sure to create a detailed menu so you have plenty of time for preparation.

  • Determine headcount in advance

Figuring out the headcount beforehand is necessary as your vendors, such as party rental businesses and caterers, rely on this number to give you the best services.

It will also prevent you from having to scramble to accommodate unexpected guests and help you stay within your budget. Plan on most of your guests showing up. Some people cannot attend the party, but others may tag along with extra guests. Always have a little more than you need rather than running out.

A graduation party should have a theme that makes the graduate the center of attention. Your child should feel that all his achievements since childhood are being celebrated. These tips will help you plan a perfect party without fail.

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