A Guide to Buying the Perfect Tuxedo Suit for Your Samui Destination Wedding

Posted July 1, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Weddings are special. After so many hassles, you ended up saving this big day. From proposing to the love of your life to making all the arrangements, you want everything to be perfect. But what about your outfit? The clothes are the primary focus of the wedding because, come on, you are the groom. The limelight is on you. So let’s add glamor to your wedding day by choosing the perfect fit! 

Out of all the options for men’s clothing, a tuxedo suit for a wedding Samui is the right choice. Let’s move out of the set notions for men’s clothing. And why not? A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that needs to be precisely how you dreamt! So, let’s check out some essential points to consider while choosing a tux.

Shade Matters: 

Black, blue and grey are the most common colors. They are timeless, and one can never go wrong with these shades. The versatile colors do not fail to impress you with their extraordinary Charm. You can style it with complementary shirts, and you will rock your wedding event. However,  if you wish to look different, go unique. The world is full of different hues. You can pick a shade that suits you the best. There are different varieties of shade available in the market.

Let’s assume for a second that you ditch the norm and choose to embrace colors. Colorful tuxes are a raging trend. So, go out of your comfort zone and dress stylishly. Men’s fashion tuxedos range from off-white, flamingo pink hue, and wine-colored tuxedos to rare jade green tuxedos. Add a little more zest to your wedding with colorful fits. 

Perfect Fit Tuxedo Suit For Your Samui Wedding:

How will you look at the altar with an ill-fitted tux? Not good, right? So choose a tux that fits you perfectly. No matter the versatility of the sizes available, nothing can match a perfectly tailored, custom-made tux. If you get a tux stitched, there is nothing better. Why? Because they are specially designed to fit you and make you look your best on the big day. 

If you are planning to purchase a ready-made men’s tuxedo suit, buy one that fits you. The best ready-made outfit might happen that looks perfect on you but isn’t available in your size. Make sure to alter the outfit from a trusted tailor to look your best.

Shirt style:

A complementing shirt underneath a tuxedo suits the groom well. Shirts for men’s tuxedos come in varied colors. However, white shirts can be your go-to option because they look dapper. If you are wearing a light-colored tuxedo, you can wear a similar or contrasting shirt underneath. 

Try getting a plain shirt to wear with your stylish tuxedo. Plain shirts allow the tuxedo’s look to emerge. A designer shirt or a printed one can look like a mismatch. So try pairing a plain shirt that complements the color of the tuxedo. A white shirt with black buttons is a perfect choice and can easily blend with any dark-hued tuxedo. 


Accessorizing on your big day adds to the glam. So don’t forget to add additional accessories on your big day. 


Wearing a Belt may sound minimal, but it highlights the outfit’s look. It helps in making the outfit look sleek and elegant. Remember, the right size belt is the charm. 


Vests are known as waistcoats. They add on to the look of the tux. There is nothing wrong with going a little extra on your big day. So wear a vest and rock your wedding day.


Cufflinks accessorise your Tuxedo suit for wedding Samui and make it look stylish. The little buttons on the wrist of the sleeve play an important role in elevating the style of the tuxedo. 


A tie or bow is a perfect accessory for the wedding. So, don’t think much, and put on a color that complements the outfit smartly. 


Socks are the most underrated part of an outfit but an important one. Imagine a red sock peeking from the bottom when all eyes are on you. How embarrassing would it be? So, avoid such a wardrobe malfunction, wear a decent pair of socks that go well with your wedding fit. 

There is no doubt that a men’s tuxedo is the best outfit choice for a wedding. So glam up for your big day, and wear a tuxedo with a classy shirt. And don’t forget to accessorize with cufflinks to elevate your overall look. Most importantly, enjoy every moment of your wedding day with the love of your life! 

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