How Does It Work: A Guide to CBD Salve

Posted July 9, 2020 by in Health + Fitness

CBD salves are becoming popular in the cannabis scene. You can read more about cannabis here:

Most people may have tons of questions about these products as the world of cannabidiol is still on its infancy. There’s even a lot of studies and published reviews needed to know more about it, but lots of testimonies are already circulating about cannabidiol’s effectiveness.

Salves are ointments that are used to protect the skin or relieve pain. Other people may know salve as balms, lotions, creams, and more. These products are applied directly to the dermis where they are absorbed. The infusion that gets absorbed in the case of CBD products is cannabinoids.

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Are Salves the same as Lotions?

While many people think that salves and lotions are the same, there’s a bit of difference between them. They are not precisely manufactured the same way, and they have differences when it comes to absorption. They can be explained further here.

The lotions are combinations of water and oil. Companies also add emulsifiers, which are typically beeswax into the mix. The cream has lots of water content with a ratio of 70:20. There’s 70% water and 20% oil. The rest are other ingredients, such as vitamins, emulsifiers, and more.

The salves are combinations of beeswax and oil. Coconut oil is used and a little wax. There’s no water mixed into the final product. This makes the overall products have thicker consistencies compared to a lotion.

How Are Salves Manufactured?

The balms are one of the simplest products that most companies can create easily. The base is always consisting of beeswax with a little carrier oil. The most common carrier oil used by many companies is coconut. Afterward, various compounds will be infused, and these contain dried herbs, cannabidiol, and others that can increase the health benefits of the users.

For CBD salves, the first step is to usually create a smooth infusion of cannabidiol extracts and coconut oil. Coconut is very popular because it increases the fatty acids of the mixtures. It will help carry the CBD oil and make them more useful.

The CBD oil is mixed with beeswax and melted together. A lot of salves may contain fragrances and other essential oils for a more wonderful smell. You can learn the facts here now and read other frequently asked questions on the link. Some sites will provide you with other ingredients used to make the salve to be on the safe side. Others will incorporate eucalyptus and lavender to make the users calmer.

How Do Salves Work?

The way the skin absorbs cannabidiol is different from taking capsules orally. You may wonder how the balm works, even if it’s just on the surface. Know that your dermis is the largest organ of the body. It’s no surprise that it is one of the powerful molecular pathways where many creams can work.

An example is when you are applying the balm to your knees. When you topically apply the product this way, rest assured that the cannabidiol component will be absorbed. The cannabinoids contained in the product will surround the area where it is used.

Some of the studies suggest the presence of the endocannabinoid system in the dermis. When the balm comes in contact with the ECS, the receptors in the system will get activated, resulting in a more relaxed feeling. The pain and itch will also disappear.

There are experts in the University of Debrecen in Hungary that stated that since the ECS is present in the cells of the skin, the dermis can quickly produce endocannabinoids. This will make the salve’s job easier as they can alter the receptors of the ECS and relieve pain sensations on the knees, back, and other parts of the body.

Ways of Using the Salve

Like any other ointment, the salve is used by simply applying it to the area. Wait and let the balm use its magic. When the surrounding tissues and cells absorb the cannabidiol, you will feel an improvement and a general feeling of wellness.

Most people, such as bodybuilders and athletes, can help their muscles recover faster after workouts with CBD salves’ help. The ointment will result in healthier joints and enhanced muscle function in the targeted area.

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