A Guide to Men’s Style Tips

Posted November 23, 2022 by in Fashion

Men’s style has been around for centuries and has evolved just like women’s. The latest trend is never too far away, but some style tips do happen to stand the test of time. Wanting to look stylish is not limited to any gender, though the advice can be slightly different depending on what you are looking for. 

This piece will take a look at a guide to men’s style tips, so you can try out whatever you think might suit you and find what you love best to incorporate into your look.

  1. Wear What You Feel Comfortable In

There is no sort of faux pas like wearing something that you obviously do not feel good in. Being uncomfortable is more than obvious a lot of the time when you wear clothes that do not fit well, or that might not represent your personality or interests, so choosing something that you will be able to feel good in is an important aspect of style. Sure, certain outfits will be more uncomfortable than others, such as a suit over sweats, but the bottom line will be about how you feel in them in yourself. 

Understand which fabrics and cuts you like the best, and then go from there to build up your wardrobe. There is no need to be afraid of going outside of your comfort zone, especially if you want to change up your look, as you can adapt it to suit your needs. Try out Burrows & Hare for some quality pieces.

  1. Take Notice of the Extras

Style is not just about how you look; it is also about how you feel. You can be the most attractive and charming man in the room, even with an old t-shirt and jeans, if you have confidence in yourself. However, the extras will also help you tie this together. Think accessories and fragrance. 

Many people love to smell something nice. It is hardwired into our brains, so choosing a cologne or a scent can make people’s heads turn. It is no secret that a scent is one of the best ways of finishing off an outfit and giving the illusion that someone is well put together, and there are so many out there for you to try. You can ease in quality imitation perfumes of popular brands, just be sure that you’re buying products made of quality ingredients.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

It can be easy to focus on black, white, and brown as your color palette – it is easy to mix and max and always looks chic. However, if you really want to bring a whole new dimension to your style, then it is time to embrace more color into your wardrobe.

Statement pieces work well, as less is more. It can be helpful to find out what shades work with your skin coloring and tone to really make everything pop. You can still wear your favorite colors even if they aren’t your exact shade, but start wearing everything that is perfectly suited to your skin tones, and you will get more compliments. 

Style is a personal preference, but following these tips can help you put a pep back in your step and your wardrobe!

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