A Guide to the Best Surfing Spots in Australia

Posted July 20, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Australia is well renowned across the planet for its amazing surfing spots, with its vast coastline offering a variety of surf breaks that are suitable for surfers of all levels. From the most iconic breaks to several hidden gems, you should keep on reading this guide if you want to learn more about some of the best surfing spots in Australia. Several amazing surf spots can be found across Australia, especially the following five which can be found in the states of Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Female surfer in wetsuit holding surf board above head

  1. Bells Beach, Victoria

Located near Torquay on the Great Ocean Road, lies Bells Beach, one of the most famous surfing destinations in Australia. This break has been home to the Rip Curl Pro, the world’s longest-running surfing competition while you may require cold weather billabong wetsuits if you want to try the break at any time of the year. However, it is imperative to be aware that Bells Beach features powerful waves and a reef break, making it ideal for experienced surfers while it may be out of the reach of beginners.

  1. Snapper Rocks, Queensland

The next spot is situated on the Gold Coast, while offers consistently excellent waves. Snapper Rocks is world famous for its long, hollow right-hand point break, known as “Superbank,” which provides riders with opportunities to surf up to 1 kilometre. This destination is popular among both professional and recreational surfers alike and its location makes it popular for tourists to the Gold Coast.

  1. Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River in Western Australia’s southwest region is a surfing paradise that offers a range of breaks, suitable for different skill levels. The main break, known as Main Break or Surfer’s Point, is a powerful and consistent reef break that can challenge even the most experienced surfers, meaning it is also out of reach for novice or amateur surfers.

  1. Byron Bay, New South Wales

Furthermore, Byron Bay in northern New South Wales is a popular beach town that is well-known across the country for its laid-back atmosphere and great surf. The Pass, which is located near the town centre, is a world-renowned right-hand point break that is suitable for surfers of all levels. Other notable breaks in the area include Wategos Beach, Tallows and Broken Head while several smaller beaches can also be found along the coast.

  1. Noosa Heads, Queensland

Finally, Noosa Heads, on the Sunshine Coast, offers some of Australia’s most beautiful and pristine beaches for surfing. Indeed, Noosa Main Beach has been a popular spot for long-boarders over the years, while the nearby breaks of Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay and Little Cove provide excellent options for more experienced surfers. However, it is also important to understand that the conditions in Queensland are suited to more experienced surfers.

female surfing using a pink surfboard on turquoise water

Therefore to conclude, if you want a fantastic surfing spot in Australia, then you should carry out research and determine which of these amazing spots would be appropriate for your next surf trip while it is essential to always check local surf conditions, respect the environment and adhere to any safety guidelines.