A Guide to Trendy Swimsuits in 2023

Posted December 20, 2022 by in Fashion

2023 is coming in hot with modern swimsuit trends. This year, there is a swimsuit style for everyone. Whether you’re a bikini wearer or prefer a form-fitting one-piece, expect a variety of choices. 

The clothing trends of 2023 have evolved from daily wear to swimsuit lines, mainly in fabric and design choices. For instance, animal print and pastel colors are popular choices for this year’s bathing suits, and these combinations have also cropped up in mainstream fashion. It will take a little bit of searching to find the right swimsuit.  

Get ready for variety across this year’s trending swimsuit lines. With so many options to choose from, your goal should be to find the swimsuit that best reflects your style and personality through bathing suit fashion. Choose a swimsuit to reflect your mood and environment, such as the Pink Flowers bikini from RhyleSwim- one of few floral, cheeky swimsuits that reverse as a plain black swimsuit. Read on for your go-to guide on the trendiest swimsuits of 2023. 

Woman in maroon bikini dipping her toes into the water while sitting on a dock

Go Floral For Spring: Shop Cheeky Swimsuits 

If the winter blues have slowed you, remember that Spring is just around the corner. With it comes a wide selection of floral, cheeky swimsuits to choose from. Embrace the change in season with pink flower swimsuits from RhyleSwim. You can find suits with reversible fabric if you like switching things up. 

Soak Up Summer in Sorbet-Colored Bathing Suits 

Nothing says Summer like sorbet. Check out sorbet-colored, cheeky swimsuits in your favorite pastel shades, like blush pink. Go for reverse suits with top variations so you can wear your swimsuit the way that best supports your body. You can find diamond-cut tops and more from select swimsuit retailers. 

Walk On The Wild Side With Animal Print Suits 

Get wild this Summer in animal print-style cheeky swimsuits. Wear cheetah and leopard print suits with a metallic shine for added detail and a shimmery effect. Make sure you’re choosing suits that reflect your shapes, such as a suit with two slits on a bralette style or a knot-style top. Take a walk on the wild side with animal print bathing suits. Who says the right bathing suit can’t also be super comfortable? 

Tri-Colored Bathing Suits

The 80s-inspired fashion is back and better than ever before. Check out tri-colored, cheeky swimsuits for a colorful bathing suit you can wear all Summer long. Look for alternating colors on the band of your trunks for a charming detail you can sport with a matching top. 

One-Piece Bathing Suits

One-piece suits are still in, and yes, they can still deliver that sleek, sultry vibe you’re looking for in a high-quality swimsuit. Go for bright and bold colors, like cherry red or blue, to stay on theme with the lightness of Summer. 

Blonde woman running in a white one piece bathing suit laughing and holding red sunglasses

Rock The 2023 Swimsuit Trends Your Way

This year, trending swimsuits are all about finding the right match for your style, mood, and location. Consider the above options and start exploring cheeky swimsuits to rock the bathing suit trends of 2023.  

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