A Guide to Using Pads Versus Tampons

Posted May 24, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

This is a discussion that will continue to have both sides argued till the end of time. Most people are either team tampons or team pads. No one likes or wants to use either product, but since we do not get a choice everyone has a preference. This preference may change depending on the type of year or the type of activity you are having to participate in.

A menstrual pad and two tampons laid out on a marble table.

The Differences Between Pads & Tampons

The biggest difference between pads and tampons is very obvious. A pad is a feminine product that uses adhesive to attach to someone’s undergarment to absorb their menstrual blood. Then a tampon is a feminine product as well but it is created in a form that allows someone to insert it into their vagina and it expands and absorbs their period blood. 

Pads are not always ideal in every situation, but several people find them to be more comfortable at night as well as when their period becomes very lite. Tampons are a great option if you are extremely active, especially if you want to be able to swim. Tampons are the only feminine product that you can use and still participate in water activities

Hold Both Tampons & Pads to These High Standards

  • 100% Organic Only 

Only use pads and tampons made of 100% organic cotton. You do not want to put anything near your vagina that is possibly covered in pesticides. Vaginas are a very sensitive organ and you need to be 100% confident about what is in your feminine products.

  • Non-BPA Plastic

If you choose to purchase tampons make sure that if the applicator is made of plastic that it does not contain any BPAs. No-BPA plastic is the only way you can be confident that you are not putting a cancer-causing chemical into your body. 

  • Keeps You Hygienically Safe

Make sure that the tampons or pads you purchase are created in a hygienic factory and are completely sealed. The best way to be confident that your feminine products are safe is to only buy the ones that guarantee they are 100% natural. 

Storing Pads & Tampons Correctly

The way that you store your tampons and pads is very important for you to be confident that they are safe for use…

  • Never in Bathroom

You should never be storing feminine products in the bathroom. The reason is the bathroom is the most humid room in your house. Feminine products are made of cotton and if they absorb any moisture bacteria can start to grow in or on them.

  • Check Packaging

Before you use a pad or tampon look at the packaging and make sure that it is intact. If it is already open or it has any tear in the packaging, do not use it! The product has been compromised and there could be something growing on it. 

  • Throw Away After 3 Months

You may not know this but tampons and pads expire. If you have had either for over 3 months you should go ahead and dispose of them to be safe. After this amount of time has passed they could be contaminated. 

No Wrong Choice

When it comes to deciding if you are team pads or team tampons, there is no wrong answer. You should simply use the product you prefer. Make sure that you only purchase pads and tampons that are 100% natural and make sure that you store them in a dry area. This will mean that you can be sure that the feminine product you use is always safe and gives you peace of mind.

*Photos by Karolina Grabowska