A Healthcare and Exercise Plan for Fit Atlantans

Posted January 27, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

In a city like Atlanta where people have not only focused on mastering their industry but have also laid a significant impact on nature and greenery as well. The beautiful city of social and historical importance is now home to almost 500,000 people. From religious pastors to celebrities and professional business owners, the city is a hustling bustling amalgam of people coming from different religions, races, and ethnicity. Fortunately, the love for each other and the city remains prevalent. 

Speaking of love, too much soul food means too much love and the people of this city are no stranger to the flavors of the south. Over the years, many citizens are reported to have health complications like morbid obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. We are no stranger to the fact that Atlanta is one of the 50 most obese cities in America:

Getting Back In Shape 

Many people struggling with complex weight issues and obesity tend to get tired of themselves, their physical appearance and not to mention – the deteriorated mental health. Getting back in shape is a journey that many people consider taking to avoid further health complications. Considering the fact that not a lot of people can afford gastric bypass or cavitation procedures, natural procedures are the best ways to get fit. 

How to Start My Weight Loss Journey? 

Baby steps: 

It’s all about baby steps. You need to start from the basics and then move on to more complicated things as your stamina increases. A few things you need to focus on to lose weight are: 

  • Healthy nutrition 
  • Exercises

Healthy Nutrition 

Taking care of your diet is the first and foremost step towards losing weight. 

  • You can start your diet by eliminating all the fried food, junk food, sugary drinks, and takeaways that you would normally order. 
  • Replace your general processed carbs with more unprocessed versions like whole-wheat bread, multigrain bread, etc. 
  • Get rid of your sugary cereals and replace them with healthier versions like muesli or bran flakes which are both high in fiber and fiber keeps you full.
  • Eat your protein. Grill some lean meats like turkey, fish, and chicken with lots of vegetables. 
  • Eat as many vegetables as you want to because they are your best friend if you want to shed those extra pounds. 

Different Kinds of Diets 

There are different diet plans available that support a calorie deficit approach one way or the other. You can pick a diet as recommended by your dietician or something that suits your schedule. The most common diet plans are: 

  • Low carb diet 
  • Ketogenic diet 
  • Ultra-low fat diet 
  • Vegan diet 
  • Atkins diet

Flexibility and Meditation Exercises to Start Weight Loss Journey 

Yoga is the most well-known method of gaining strength and flexibility without any weights and hardcore movements. It is one of the best things that can help you get through your weight loss journey and become active and healthy. 

What Is Yoga? 

Yoga combines different physical and mental exercises that help you discipline your body. Yoga consists of different steps and movements that actually bring harmony between your mind and the body. What started in ancient India is now being practiced all across the world.

You can even practice yoga when getting a whiplash treatment – it’s that safe. The initial word of yoga was derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to unite things together. 

Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss 

Yoga is beneficial for weight loss because when you are obese, your body is an unorganized fusion of different organs and mind. Here are some major benefits of yoga that you might experience after practicing it for a month: 

  • Yoga will improve the overall strength of your body so you can exercise easily without any pain. 
  • Yoga will enhance your balancing capability and improve your overall flexibility relieving pressure from your nerves. 
  • Yoga will reduce your spinal pain which is a common issue among people who are struggling with weight. 
  • Yoga is the absolute best for cardiac health as it improves blood circulation in the body, reduces cholesterol levels and hypertension. 
  • Yoga will lift your energy and boost your mood and allow you to socialize with people in a more confident manner. 
  • Yoga will help you open your joints and lift pressure off of them. If your obesity is causing you problems like arthritis, your orthopedic doctor in Atlanta will also suggest yoga and stretching along with regular treatment.

Cardiovascular Exercises for Weight Loss 

For weight-watchers, the cardio workout is a common term. Getting sweaty with a cardio session will help you melt fat much faster than any other thing. While yoga helps you improve the connection between body and mind, cardio will actually make you leaner by burning those deposits of extra fat. 

What Is Cardio? 

Any form of vigorous activity that increases your heart rate as well as elevates the oxygen levels in your body is called cardiovascular exercise. You will have to perform the exercises repetitively to see a significant difference. 

Benefits of Cardio for Weight Loss 

You need more oxygen to boost your metabolism and burn those calories faster. Just by elevating your heart rate, cardio exercises give you a lot of benefits. Let’s discuss some major benefits of cardio and why it is recommended: 

  • Cardio is a great tool to aid weight loss. It can make you a lot leaner and you will be able to stick to a routine that targets your major muscles. 
  • Cardio improves your heart health and makes the heart stronger. If you are struggling with weight, your heart is covered with fat and cardio will help you burn that unwanted fat. 
  • Cardio helps you improve your immune system which ultimately means that you will get less sick and your body will be able to fight its own battles without medicines. 
  • Cardio will improve your lung capacity because it will make you breathe a lot deeper. 
  • Cardio is great for mental health because exercising will relieve pressure from your body, calm down the nerves and make you much calmer. Neurologists suggest that people with brain injuries can include low-impact cardio in their recovery process. 

Strength Training For Weight Loss 

As tiring as it might sound, hitting the gym for strength training sessions a few times a week can actually be quite helpful in defining. Since you will be losing weight, there are chances of developing issues like loose skin. Strength training will improve your muscle definition and also help you become much stronger.

Don’t worry if you cannot visit the gym—buying some weights and proper gear at home with YouTube videos will assist you in performing an effective resistance training session. 

What Is Strength Training? 

Strength training is often referred to as resistance training. It involves the use of weights to build muscular endurance and also pump the unutilized muscles making them more prominent, attractive, and of course healthy. You will need to add resistance objects like dumbbells and barbells to your routine.

As you progress, you can evidently increase weight. A trainer is recommended for beginners because if you are not careful enough, you might end up getting a whiplash treatment. 

Benefits of Strength Training For Weight Loss 

You can introduce strength training to improve your muscle definition but the benefits are far more than that. Some of the other benefits that you can get are: 

  • Strength training will improve your stamina and make you so much stronger than how you already are. 
  • Strength training will protect your bones and make them much stronger. People with joint issues are recommended that they talk to their orthopedic doctor in Atlanta before lifting heavier weights. 
  • Strength training will help you keep the weight off and define different body parts. 
  • Strength training can help you keep off different muscular and skeletal diseases which are quite common among people as they age even if they are not fat. 

What Is Best For Me? 

If you are looking for ways to lose weight, you need to add a few simple things to your daily routine. Regardless of your body type and metabolism, reducing your caloric intake and replacing processed sugary foods with something organic and natural. Apart from diet, exercising can also reap substantial health benefits. 

The type of exercise that you choose for your body actually says a lot about the results that you are looking for. If you want a leaner looking body with less fat and leaner muscles, cardio is your best friend. 

For a stronger body with pumped muscles, consider adding weights to your routine but make sure to consult a professional first. Yoga will help you gain flexibility and improve the connection between body and mind.

Neurologists suggest that adding a specific exercise to your routine will help you recover faster but make sure that you seek the services of a doctor. Fortunately, there are a lot of health care centers in Atlanta that can help you get fitter.

Exercise and diet are mandatory for fitness and if you are looking for your perfect plan, seek professional help.