A Military Spouse’s Guide to Homemaking

Posted March 28, 2023 by in Home

If you’re a military spouse, then you likely understand the importance of homemaking. It can oftentimes feel like a home is more your spouse’s than yours since they’re the ones who bring so much financial relief to the table through perks like their basic allowance for housing (BAH) and VA loans. Even if you work, too, you can’t deny the weight of these benefits, especially with the current climate of the real estate market. The sad thing is that, even though the military provides so much financial assistance for living costs, some soldiers spend less than half their time at home.

This is why it’s so important that, as a military spouse, you build a home that you love, a space that truly feels like it’s yours since you will be the one spending the majority of the time there.

Maintaining The Functionality of Your Home

If a problem arises when your spouse is home, it’s great to be able to have them to fall back on when a problem arises, but what about when they’re on a mission or a deployment? What do you do when you’ve got a leaking skylight or a tree falls across your driveway? It’s a good idea to have a list of reliable resources ready to help with any issue. Consider asking your neighbors for recommendations for local plumbers, electricians, exterminators, or any other services that you might need. If you haven’t met any of your neighbors yet, then ask around in your workplace. And if you don’t have an in-person job, then it’s time to start scrolling through reviews on the internet.

Maintaining the Safety of Your Home

If you’re left alone a lot when your spouse is gone on missions or deployments, then you’re likely to become a greater target for home invasions. To ensure your safety and peace of mind, you should consider setting up a home security system. Security companies offer 24/7 monitoring, indoor and outdoor cameras, and entry sensors, as well as many other options to guarantee your safety. Most companies also offer apps that allow you to check your cameras and arm your alarms from your phone. These apps will also notify you if any alarms are triggered, and will give you 60 seconds to cancel their automatic response to contact authorities. 

Building a Space for Entertaining

Having your spouse gone for long periods can get incredibly lonely, so it’s important to spend time with friends. If you’re new to the area, then a quick way to make friends is through a meetup group. You can usually find the meetup groups for hobbies you’re interested in on Meetup or on Facebook. Once you establish yourself and make friends, you’ll be able to invite people over for entertaining, but it’s important to have a designated space.

A great option is to create a hangout spot on your back deck or patio. Invest in some comfortable furniture, either plush outdoor couches or rocking chairs, and center them around a fire pit to keep you and your friends warm on chilly summer nights. A great way to make an outdoor space feel more charming is to add some fun lighting. Consider hanging strands of fairy lights around the border of your entertaining space. You could also place tiki torches around the outside of your patio. Many modern torch oils contain citronella, so they keep the bugs away while adding to the ambiance of your outdoor space. While it might be a bit expensive, you could also up your entertainment game by adding features like a grill or an outdoor fireplace.

When you’re lonely, having your friends over for a game night or a movie night becomes important.

Creating a Relaxing Environment

What’s most important is that your home is a space you can feel relaxed and comfortable in, since it is where you will spend so much of your time. To ensure your home promotes happiness, you should try to prioritize surrounding yourself with things you love. Decorate the walls with pictures of you and your spouse, your pets, and any art that speaks to you. Make your space feel more comfortable by utilizing cozy textures in your decor like plush throw blankets, fuzzy pillows, and wooly rugs. You can add to the relaxing atmosphere by painting your walls soft, neutral colors or by filling your home with calming scents. Do this by burning soy candles or by setting up an essential oil diffuser in your space.