Get Vanessa’s Hair — A No-Commitment Way to Go Red

Posted November 5, 2014 by in Beauty

Bold hair colors such as hot pink and purple have been trending for quite a few years, but I decided not to jump the gun on the trend since I spent most of my college career with blue, green, and pink highlights. I looked awesome! But the constant bleaching did cause some damage over the years, and I finally have healthy hair again.

But earlier this season, Vanessa Hudgens decided to change up her look. She went from a blonde, back to her natural brunette. But she didn’t stop there — instead, she did red ombré.


I instantly fell in love with her look, but wasn’t sure I wanted to make the commitment to go red for the whole season. Of course, bold colors like red don’t stay in the hair for long, but you definitely need to bleach your locks for it to show up if your hair is dark.

If you want to sport some red ombré this fall without the commitment, consider using the new Color Rebel Hair Makeup from Redken. That’s what I did!


It’ll only last for two shampoos, it’ll show up on even the darkest hair (yay to no bleach), and it won’t get all over everything.

Here’s how it works: Color Rebel deposits a very fine colored micro-coating on the surface of the hair, making it resistant against water and mechanical aggressors, such as brushing, blow-drying or flat-ironing.



How to Use

1. Prime the product by shaking well and twisting the cap in the direction of the arrows until the sponge is saturated.

2. Apply Color Rebel to clean or day-after hair by gently pulling sections taut and applying in a smooth sweeping motion. Start with a light layer – you can always add more to build color intensity.

3. Simply let hair air dry or blow-dry for faster results. Keep combing or brushing to a minimum after applying as this will break up the color pigments.

How to Remove

Color Rebel washes out after two shampoos, but if you want to remove instantly, you can do so in two easy ways. Simply wash hair with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream or apply a drop of Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine or All Soft Argan-6 Multicare Oil to the area where you would like to remove the color and rub the hair between your fingers until the color pigment dissolves.


I really love this hair makeup! I was able to re-create Vanessa’s look without damaging my hair, and the color didn’t rub off on my clothes or pillow. It also lasts way longer than hair chalk — which will barely get you through a day.


– As expected, this product was extremely messy. So make sure you cover your bathroom counter with some old newspaper or a garbage bag for easy clean up. If you do get it on your tile, don’t freak out. Unlike Manic Panic, it can be scraped off.

– It’s difficult to brush your hair after the hair makeup is applied. They recommend you don’t comb your hair too much, but I have long hair and brushing is a must.

– The box says it lasts for only two shampoos, but it’s more like four shampoos. Maybe even five. I was okay with it, but if you have a job that doesn’t allow vibrant color, you may want to plan ahead a bit.

Below is my hair after one shampoo. Not as vibrant, but still a pretty color.


Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup comes in array of colors. So don’t want red? Try pink or purple instead!

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  • Rayna Hernandez April 10, 2015 at 3:49 PM

    Ooooh I think I’m gonna try this!

    • Broke & Chic April 10, 2015 at 4:27 PM

      It was really easy to apply too!