A Quick Guide to Fostering in Scotland

Posted December 15, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Fostering in Scotland is a rewarding career path. There is always a high demand for carers and a constant flow of children needing accommodation whether long-term or short-term. There are lots of ways to get into fostering, and the conditions vary from agency to agency. However you decide to get started, read up on the basic steps before you do to familiarise yourself with the process. This guide provides a quick oversight on fostering in Scotland and all the essentials. 

The Basic Requirements

To become a foster carer in Scotland, you have to be over 21 years of age, own or rent a house that has a suitable spare bedroom, show compassion and commitment in wanting to help a child,  and be a legal resident of the country. 

Choosing an Agency

Which agency you sign up with depends on area restrictions, what they have to offer their carers, and how high the demand is. As a foster carer, it is a career choice, but the job takes you where you need to be. If there is a particularly high demand at one agency, it could be worthwhile signing up there. There are lots of agencies working in Scotland, like fosterplus.co.uk who have the children’s best interest at the core of everything they do. 

Registering an Interest in Fostering

When you have decided on a short list of agencies, or maybe even narrowed it down to one, it is time to register your interest. There is usually a small form to fill in on the website, which is then followed up by a phone call to see if things can proceed. You will be asked personal questions and it is the right level of invasive to ascertain whether or not you could be a viable carer. 

Accept it Takes Time

In Scotland, just like everywhere else, getting through the process will take time. Often, this means months before you get to the basic training component of the journey. This is because there is a lot to discuss to prove your credibility in the preliminary stages. Every agency that deals with vulnerable children must be thorough in its assessments. 

Complete all the Training

When you reach the training part of the procedure, there will be multiple sessions to complete before you can get your first placement. These are all covering basic topics such as safeguarding and behavioural aspects of fostering. They will dive into what you might experience in the role of carer and how adverse life events may affect the child in your care. 

Prepare for a Placement

When your training is complete, you could be assigned a child at any time. There is no real way to tell how long this will take but the key is to just be ready for whenever the call comes. Get the bedroom set up, if you know what age group you will be fostering buy all the basic equipment and have your safeguarding strategies ready to go. 

Scotland carers can find a rewarding path in fostering a child. Get to know the ropes before you apply and give it your all.

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