A Quick Guide to the Most Essential Gear for Snowboarders

Posted June 27, 2019 by in Lifestyle
A Quick Guide to the Most Essential Gear for Snowboarders

So, you’ve decided you want to try your hand at snowboarding and you’re preparing for your first trip to a ski resort, but you’re not sure what to bring? Fret not, as this predicament is faced by every novice snowboarder before their first adventure on the slopes.

If you already go skiing, shop for the best ski racks from Rocker Ski Racks to store and protect the edges of skis and snowboards which are available in different varieties to choose from. With the exception of a few components that are unique to snowboarding, this is the equipment you’ll need. If you don’t know where to begin, look over this fast list of the required snowboarding equipment:

1. Outerwear

Snowboarding without proper outerwear is a complete no-go. Don’t think you can get by with a standard jacket, either. You’ll need a thick hoody from a snowboarding clothing brand like Board It, and trust me – you’ll instantly notice the difference between this kind of gear and your standard winter coat: vastly superior insulation and comfort. 

2. Goggles

The whole point of snowboarding is to build up momentum as you slide down the slopes. Goggles let you move quickly without running into the horrible problem of having snow and cold air flying into your eyes. Plus, they protect you from odd accidents like poking your eye out with a tree branch. 

3. Helmet

Obviously, snowboarding without a helmet isn’t a wise thing for a beginner to do. The snow might seem soft and cuddly, but landing on your head can definitely cause some serious injuries.

4. Snowboarding Boots

Choosing the right snowboarding boots is another gear comparison that you should take your time with, as you’ll find a wide variety of styles available. Most importantly, it’s best to opt for boots that are lightweight yet durable. Again, choosing a trusted snowboarding brand like Board It is your best bet in this department. 

5. Gloves

It’s hard to have fun snowboarding when your hands are freezing to the point of frostbite. The fast movement means that your bare hands will be exposed to wind chill, which can have your fingers turning numb within minutes if you don’t have a good pair of gloves. 

6. Bindings

Selecting a comfortable pair of bindings is another important step to take. The main factor to look at is the flex rating, which ranges from 1-10 – 1 being the most flexible and 10 being the most rigid. Ultimately, the ideal flex rating for you will depend on preference. Generally, bindings with higher flex ratings are recommended for advanced snowboarders who want to be able to perform tricks at high velocities. As a novice, you’ll probably find bindings with a flex rating of 1-5 to be the most comfortable. 

Don’t Forget to Choose an Ideal Snowboard

Once you’ve taken care of the above essentials, you’ll probably feel like you’re ready to hit the slopes immediately. However, don’t rush to rent or buy the first snowboard shop melbourne you find, as there are steps you can take to make sure you choose a board that is suitable for your size, snowboarding style, and experience level.